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Hi, welcome to 'The Treatment Tester'.


Over the last fifteen years I have embarked on a number of cosmetic treatments, bought into a huge amount of marketing gimmicks and signed myself-up for a lot of pain and discomfort in the name of beauty. I found myself being asked daily about treatments that I recommend or practice’s and brands I would choose to use.


I trial all the latest treatments and give an honest review including the fundamental things we all want to know: the process, the pain (yikes), the results (both immediate and long term) and the cost!


As well as surgical and non surgical treatments I review products which I feel go hand in hand. These can be anything from post procedure products to feel good instant beautification items.


I only take part in treatments suitable and appropriate for my skin, age, shape and size. I am realistic about the performance and results of treatments.

In 2018 I was joined by James Conolly, known as The Polished Man. Read reviews of the latest trends for men on the wellbeing and beauty markets from specialist barbers to home skincare.


If you think your clinic, product or service is up to The Treatment Tester standard, please do get in touch!

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Featured in and written for:
Daily Mail UK Newspaper
Closer Magazine
Manchester Confidential
Aesthetics Journal
Metro Newspaper
Women's Fitness
Daily Star UK Newspaper
The Independent UK Newspaper
Huffington Post
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