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Revolutionary new face lift treatment; FAMI™

Dr Roger E. Amar, London based aesthetic professional talks to The Treatment Tester about his signature clinic treatment the FAMI™ procedure.

Dr Amar works from both London and Marbella, Spain and has been practising this technique 1998. His career spans pack to 1975 when he took a residency in plastic surgery and has since become a member of French Spanish and American plastic and aesthetic societies. (more on Dr Amar here

Dr Roger E. Amar

The FAMICLINIC is known for its revolutionary treatment the Facial Autologous Muscular Injection Procedure. It uses adipose stem cells to reshape the human face for rejuvenation or repair. It is a ground-breaking alternative to the traditional facelift because it does not involve a scalpel. The treatment is conducted with precise injections to create the desires outcomes which means little bruising or swelling, never complications or downtime that you encounter with a traditional face lift.

So is FAMI™ just a mix of fillers and Botox? … no! FAMI™ utilises your own stem cells to restore youthful volume and contours, what sets FAMI™ apart from many other surgical and non-surgical alternatives is its outstanding results; you look like the person you remember, rather than someone completely different. And as stem cells keep reproducing, the results can last indefinitely!

In 1997, Dr. Roger Amar became the very first doctor to use stem cells to fight facial ageing. Using the most natural rejuvenation method available – your very own stem cells – to create new tissue and repair your skin, which gives you an incredible result that are unmatched by any other procedure.

Using his unparalleled knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr. Roger Amar places a combination of fat and stem cells deep into the facial muscles and bone surfaces which provide the key to FAMI™’s longevity. The FAMI™ technique is innovative approach to restoring some of these underlying defects responsible for the appearance of ageing such as hollow cheeks, folds appear around the mouth and nose; and the jawline and neck losing definition.

Unlike traditional face lift the procedure does not produce a “lifted” or “mask” appearance, but aims to make you look like a younger you again by recreating the youthful proportions to the face; the much-desired almond-eye shape is restored, the forehead and temples are broadened, the cheekbones become more prominent and there is an overall improvement to the skin quality.

Dr. Roger Amar is confident in the lastly effects of FAMI™, ‘ FAMI™ gives long-lasting results because in over a decade since FAMI™ was originated, nobody has returned to have it redone’.

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