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Formoline L112

Over the last few months I have been dieting and exercising. Although I eat a healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg I do believe you need a treat every now and then or diets can become soul destroying.

My weight loss started off magnificently losing 6 Ibs in my first week. As usual with all diets it has slowed down and I am now losing on average 1-2 Ibs a week which I am more than happy with. I am aware however that will come a time where even that is a struggle.

Now I am at the stage where I need a boost I thought I would give Formoline L112 a go.

Formoline is the number one slimming supplement in Germany and has been around since 2007. If German slimming is like its engineering I am on to a sure fire winner! It works by reducing the overall calorie intake from food – specifically from dietary fats - removing them from your body before they are digested, and results show a possible weight loss of up to 7kg over a 4-week period.

It is really easy to take as well, no horrid tasting drinks or shakes and it can be taken discreetly to avoid diet questions. Simple take 2 tablets twice a day with ½ pint of water at meal times which have the highest fat content.

For me these meals were lunch and dinner. Usually I would have a sandwich for lunch with some fruit and yoghurt to follow. Dinner is usually a mix of vegetables in a stir-fry, or quiche or my favourite pasta!

I didn’t expect much from the tablets as I do not eat masses of fat but I was told they act as a dietary fibre as well and I might feel fuller for longer. It is also totally safe to take and doesn’t make you rush to the loo!

I did not notice much difference in my first week. No side effects which was great and I had the same energy levels and moderate hunger. I resisted the temptation to check the scales mid-week and was surprised with I found I had lost another 2ibs by the end of the week.

Moving forward I plan to use the tablets less but as a backup. It was my birthday at the weekend so this was the perfect time to use the tablets when I was going out for meals with friends and family. I meant I can enjoy a nice meal and not feel guilty. So rather than take the tablets twice daily I know check my meal plan, upcoming events and choose when to take them.

Overall I was very impressed and will use them again and again

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