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Instant Whites

Every time I read a magazine or watch the TV I look at the bright white teeth of the on screen celebs and wonder how they get them that shade!

I have very sensitve teeth. Just using a whitening toothpaste off the shelf at any supermarket can cause pain. In fact, as well as being a human conductor for electicity I am also the only person I know who sudders when I hear a ceramic bowl hint the taps.

So what does a girl with huigely senetive teeth do about whitening?

I have tried a lot of products from laser (it’s a no for me) to whitening strips banned in the UK for their strength.

This time round I tried a safer route with Instant Whites. The 7 day system has been developed by a leading team of dentists and scientists. So already it feels safer than your friend’s laser beamer!

The product, which comes in a handy case, is completely peroxide free (so zero sensitivity) and achieves results within 5 minutes.

One of the worst things about teeth whitening treatments is that firstly they can cause sensitivity and second they can be uncomfortable. With Instant Whites there is no sensitivity, no mouth guards or funny contraptions.

You take a swab and break the seal so the whitening formula soaks the swab tip. Then you rub each tooth with the swab for a total of about 5 minutes. I flossed and brushed then applied the swab to the teeth surface and rinsed off. I found it easier to do at night time when I had stopped eating and drinking and continue for 7 days.

The change is not drastic but it is significant. I am an avid tea drinker so there was some staining but generally I am pretty particular about my oral hygiene. I really felt for someone like me the whitening powers of these little swabs was just right. Not so strong it hurt my teeth or damaged them, light enough not to blind people every time I spoke and natural looking. Most of all easy to use!

Instant Whites 7 day whitening system £24.99 is now available from Boots stores and

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