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MakeupDrop + Silicone Makeup Applicator

As I get older I find I spend more money on skin care. Gone are the days when I was buying budget creams and foundations, now I not only likely more luxury brands but I also need them.

I better understand my skin and as such I spend more on taking care of it. My monthly spend on facial creams, body oils, serums and make up is a luxury I enjoy and a reward for working hard at being an adult.

As such I value the products I use and do not want to see any wasted. One tiny little make up tool ensure I can make the most of every drop.

The Makeupdrop+ is a silicone make up applicator, an alternative to sponges, brushes or dare I say bare hands! The applicator is a bendy base to apply creams, oils, foundations, direct to the skin. Because it is silicone it has the following properties;

Easy to clean; this is the most hygienic way to apply makeup, and it can be cleaned with soap and water and dried immediately

No absorbent: no waste! A sponge or brush holds onto the products and absorbs it, wasting a small amount each time

Bendable; perfect for blending and getting into these smaller areas like around the nose

The applicator is in a tear drop shape with means it has a good surface area for foundation application and also a nice edge for the fiddlier areas. Not only that but it also has a textured side to bloat the skin and remove away oils and excess grime.

The tip assists with my contour as well, I can blend and smooth lines and make more accurate coverage with the applicator tip. Not sure how it works? Check the online tutorials here

You can buy the applicator on line and in store at Boots

Find out more about the brand here

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