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Pomegranate & Gotu Kola Shaving Serum from Nadur

Nadur shaving serum is packaged in a sharp black bottle, it looks classy from the offset and does look the business in your bathroom cabinet. It is vegan friendly and is made from 100% natural products so that ticks the box from an ethical perspective.

The product itself is applied prior to shaving and from personal experience apply to a warm face i.e. post shower or bath. Important thing to note, you do not need a lot, as directed 3 drops is enough. If you like a foamy face when shaving then this will not be for you.

It is designed to eliminate razor burn and does not clog pores. It does this by including natural products that create a greater glide factor on the skin and reduces the risk of cuts and nicks.

It Is suitable for all skin types and for those looking for the extra factor it is also organic, gluten-free, cruelty free, ethically sourced, non-toxic, natural and vegan! Wow!

The odour is subtle and not overpowering, it is not too greasy and is ideal for people that shave regularly. It also has effective anti-ageing botanical extracts with soothing and moisturising natural oils to aid the skin health.

I personally liked it because it makes no mess, no hidden clumps of foam, quick & easy to apply. It leaves your skin smooth, soft and ready for the day.

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