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RenuNail Nail Strengthener

The last 6 months I have spent sanding down woodwork, removing paint, stripping wallpaper and tearing up carpet. In all it has done my hands no favours and my nails are in a poor state.

Previously I had used clear nail polish to protect my nails but it didn’t do much for the condition and help repair them. RenuNail helps strengthen the nails so they grow longer and stronger.

It contains calcium for strength and in four weeks with regular use it can strengthen weak nails.

Firstly, I neatened up my nails and cuticles and then applied to fresh clean nails. Be warned to avoid touching the cuticle or skin as the formula is string and can sting a little.

Its quick drying and leaves a beautiful shine. The best part a well is that it lasts. It remained on my nails with no chipping or peeling. I could not pick at the polish either as it provides a thin layer so my nails are protected from me fidgeting with them.

In addition, it can be used as a top coat and has an amazing shine.

I used the polish for 5 days one coat a day, then removed and released again for three weeks. If your nails are more damaged and need more treatments allow a rest of one to two weeks before courses.

My nails feel stronger, are not peeling, and are smooth with few to no ridges. I am really pleased I have managed to recoup the damage from false nails and too much DIY.

You can buy RenuNail at most pharmacies and supermarkets, its affordable and comes in very generous glass bottle, you really get your moneys work.

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