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Know Cosmetics Range

Know Cosmetics is a brand-new range all the way from Canada! The plus is it is now available in your local Lloyds pharmacy in the UK.

At the moment the range includes four specific problem-solving items, it doesn’t sound a lot but unlike other cosmetics each is created to ‘fix’ a makeup problem. These include;

  • No Thin Lips; a lip plumper for on the go

  • No Bleeding Lips; a lip liner for flawless lipstick

  • No Bare Brows; a brow pencil for perfectly shaped brows

  • No Dark Shadows; a highlighter for under the eye

I choose to try two of the items in the range and love them both.

No Dark Shadows, £15.00 RRP

This secret weapon is perfect for those dreadful winter mornings. I suffer terribly from bags under my eyes, the dark shadows you get from lack of sleep and using computer screens every day. I have little time in the morning to apply face masks, spoons or cucumbers so the next best thing is to disguise them.

This handy pen has a turn and click dispenser giving a creamy formula with light diffusing pigments to soften the look of dark circles. The pen is easy to use and accurate to apply which I like.

I dabbed a couple of spots under my eyes and then blended in with my fingertips. I then applied a light foundation over the top. Although the cream can be used on its own with good effect. It is available on two shades one with a rose undertone the other with a yellow undertone, this is handy as some concealers only come in one shade usually not the perfect match for everyone.

I found it long lasting and it did not clump or smear. It says it is waterproof and lasts +6 hours! It is also free of parabens and demagogically approved.

A handy make up fix for your handbag.

No Thin Lips, £15 RRP

This is a smooth, colourless gel that instantly plumps the lips. As I have my lips enhanced I don’t like to look too fake and so a natural plump when I wear lipstick is enough for me.

This gloss does the trick and is a moisturiser to boot. The liquid contains Aloe extract and Vitamin E, and uses menthol to stimulate blood flow in the lips resulting in a tingle and a fuller look.

I like this as its clear, so I can apply to bare lips or over lipstick and it still works. I am not limited by its colour.

The menthol is powerful so I would advise not to apply to chapped or sore lips but if you kiss is perfectly smooth and moisturised then this little lip plumper is brilliant.

Pick up the four-piece range at Lloyds Pharmacy

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