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Sun-kissed Skin Care

One thing I have learnt through years of tanning and I am ashamed to say burning! Is that skin care is vital to assisting a tan and it does not stop at sun cream.

You need to ensure your skin is in tip top condition before you tan, and extra care while to look after the skin while tanning and after.

Here are some items I love to take in my suitcase pre and post tanning skin care.

4711 Shower Gel

4711 is a classic but I love it because both me and my partner can use it on holiday. It comes in a beautiful aqua marine bottle that is just the right about for two for a weeks holiday. The scent is fresh and clean and totally unisex. It makes a great wake up start to the day.

4711 also has some hidden benefits. It is formulated to cool the skin. The same technology is used in the cooling stick which is handy beach bag essential.

The zesty aroma of bergamot, lemon, lavender and neroli are totally relaxing and the oils nourish the skin. Moisturised skin is essential for a good tan. Dry skin will flake and peel quicker and look unhealthy.

Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Cream- Gel SPF50

Eucerin have made a brilliant, compact and highly effective sun factor that is a gel. It is none greasy, does not leave marks, water resistant and applies to the skin really easily.

It is more advanced than your regular sun cream as it helps prevent premature skin ageing and also protects against skin burn.

I love the handy sized bottle and I use this on my face and body. It dries quickly and does not clog my skin. I also like to start with a high factor especially on my face and shoulders.

Lypsyl SPF 50 Lip Balm

Since having my lips tattooed and the use of dermal fillers I have been ultra-cautious over skin care. The skin on your lips is thin, any semi-permanent tattoo can fade in the sun and fillers can dry your lips. All in all, its important to protect the thinner skin. I particularly like the Lypsyl sun factor stick as its perfect for your beach bag. The stick format makes it easy to apply with no messy fingers.

One coat does not feel heavy or greasy and it stays nicely on the skin.

Olverum Bath Oil Travel Sets

After a good day sunbathing and sightseeing I love to relax in a bath. I rarely get to bath at home as I have a quick shower most days. On holiday I like to really relax and a tepid bath is brilliant when you have exposed your skin to the sun. It is less drying or harsh on the skin.

I love these Olverum bath oils that come in a handy travel set. I haven’t come across luxury bath oil on the go like this before. I love the aroma of Olverum and the small bottles, which as beautifully packaged are enough for three baths per bottle! The kit comes in a set of three and a bottle easily fits in my case. The best part? The oils are super nourishing to my skin. It soaks up the oil and feels incredibly soft.

Cocofina Organic Coconut Oil Sachets

This coconut oil is pressed virgin oil in a handy sachet. It can be used for cooking, to nourish your hair and as a body lotion.

I love the smell of coconut so I like to use this after my shower. I allow it to gentle melt and then use some of the oil on the ends of my hair when wet or dry.

I then use the oil as a perfect after sun lotion. Oils are great at locking in moisture. They are also great if you are prone to dry skin conditions or irritations. I like to use oil over creams or water-based lotions when my skin is dry or my psoriasis is particularly bad.

As well as the wonderful smell, these handy sachets are perfect on the go. The oil makes the skin subtle and reduces marks and scars you might get from insect bites etc.

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