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I often get asked about treatments and products suitable for pregnant ladies. It is common knowledge that few spas offer treatments post birth. It’s pretty tough seeing as it will be one of the most likely times in a women’s life that relaxation and pampering is much overdue.

For that reason, I have asked my pregnant and recently new mothers amongst my friends to review some of their top baby related products.

Pre Birth

These capsules of omega oil can be taken preconception all the way through and into breastfeeding.

Omega 3 is sourced in an eco friendly manner from wild sardines, anchovies and mackerels and preserved with a touch of vitamin E.

The capsules have endless health benefits to mother and baby but one of the biggest plus is that Omega 3 helps a baby’s development especially of the eyes, brain and nervous system.

A second plus is that it is said to aid a mother’s mental health, and lets face it, we all need a hand there.

The capsules are affordable and come in some really cute packaging from

They don’t just look good either they are good with every batch certified and awarded a 5-star purity and quality rating from International Fish Oil Standards.

Bare Biology are offering 20% off for a limited time by clicking here

Spatone apple flavoured drink supplements are not just for pregnant ladies. They give your body a boost of vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C helps with iron absorption and a healthy immune system. It also boosts your metabolism and reduces fatigue, all things women weather pregnant or not can benefit from.

I loved the taste of Spatone, it was a refreshing apple which makes a change from the usual orange supplements. I also like the fact it’s a sachet and helps to increase my water intake and not another tablet to take.

Spatone and Spatone Apple 28 Day are available from Boots, Holland & Barrett and priced at £11.49 and £12.49 respectively. Spatone Apple 14 Day is priced at £7.99.

For more information, go to or find them on social media under @SpatoneUK

This is more than a cream, its actually a science.

The formula is made to a specific 5.5 pH value which sites in harmony with the biological makeup of the skin.

Firstly, the cream helps to protect the skin with the inclusion of avocado oil and shea butter. It then supports the skins connective tissues to help your body adapt as you grow.

Rather then just work on the stretchmarks and scars after they appear this cream prevents them from showing at all. It also helps to heal damaged skin.

It can also treat stretch marks or damaged skin from weight gain, clinical treatments, hormones etc.

It is easily absorbed and does not stain clothing. Its also great on sensitive skin.

Post Birth

The time you can finally enjoy your bundle of joy. This is also the time when you might need some ‘you time’ and work on your recovery from giving birth.

Two of my testers have had caesarean births and after the initial healing are looking for items that will assist in fading their scars.

Pure Potions scar oil is also suitable for treatment of stretchmarks and other marks on the skin from pregnancy. It can help with uneven skin tone, and ageing skin.

It contains rosehip oil which is full of vitamin A and C and Omega 3 and 6 which work to repair damaged skin.

My tester says ‘I have very sensitive skin and through my pregnancy I have had eczema. This oil has been gentle on my skin and it is a nice texture that sinks in well and does not make me feel oily. I will definitely continue to use it on my tummy and lessen the marks from birth’.

For June and July only, Pure Potions are offering this wonderful oil at a discount price if you purchase using the code found on the offers page here:

During pregnancy your hair may be a dream, thick, glossy and beautiful. Only to then be left with thinning hair when baby arrives.

While your hair and body are going through recovery and you need to get your body nutrients and intake back in the flow you might want to invest in a great quick fix that makes you feel much better in the interim.

Whether you have thinning hair naturally, from hair loss or have recently given birth the Toppik hair powders are an affordable and easy to use trick.

The travel size pot allows you to shake the powder like a dust direct onto clean and dry hair. The powder contains little fibres in the desired shade which are natural static so they stick to your hair without any product. They are easy to wash out and can disguise a thinning patch of hair or hairline.

You can apply via hand or using an applicator for more precision and Toppik offer spray for added hold.

My tester says ‘I have always had thin hair. I bleach my hair and keep it relatively short but I notice that my hairline can look really pale, so much so that it looks like I have less hair their even the baby hairs. I found Toppik easiest to use with an applicator especially when you are getting used to applying it. it didn’t feel sticky or thick in my hair, and it looks natural. I applied before a meal with my husband and I felt more confident in my appearance.’

No doubt you won’t need a hand sleeping as soon as baby arrives. However not all sleep is the same. Fretting over your new born means you miss out on a peaceful night’s sleep. If you are finding that you are waking more exhausted then you went to bed it might be because you have not fully relaxed and recharged and that’s when an aid like BetterYou™ Magnesium Sleep Lotion can help.

The lotion is brand new from BetterYou and is a combination of Magnesium Chloride, to help relax tired muscles and Lavender and Chamomile, to slow sensory activity and quieten the mind. Together they promote a restful night’s sleep.

It has a really light smell and is not overpowering at all. They even make a junior version for your little one.

My tester says ‘I hadn’t slept well since giving birth. I am on high alert all the time but also, I feel like my back and shoulders are hunched and never truly relaxed.

I loved the lotion, because it was easy to apply, it didn’t smell too strong and it absorbed quickly. The nights I used it I really felt like a big sigh of relief. Like my muscles had actually relaxed and were not clenched up. Using a lotion to fully unwind is so simple and far better than tablets etc.’

This is a totally natural multipurpose moisturising oil. Gentle enough for babies but also perfect as a facial cleanser, massage oil, shaving oil or body oil for adults.

It is 100% natural with no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours or other additives.

My tester says ‘I loved this oil. It smells amazing and was perfect for baby massage. I have to admit I loved using it on myself as well.

I had not thought about using oil as a cleanser but it works really well and doesn’t dry the skin. I would recommend for your baby and for adults for makeup removal etc.’ Suitable for all ages and skin types, including babies from 6 weeks. Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Again, this is another all-round family favourite.

100% free from parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals or perfumes, which makes it perfect for dry or sensitive skin and those prone to dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and dry, sore, itchy skin conditions.

The salve uses beeswax which helps to repel dampness that causes nappy rashes. Because it is natural it allows the skin to breathe while still protecting and nourishing.

My tester says ‘this salve was literally saved my ass! It is perfect as a nappy cream and I even used it myself as a anti chaffing cream in the hot weather. It has endless uses and being in a little tin makes it so handy.’

The salve comes in a handy 50ml tin that fits nicely in a changing bag.

Suitable for all ages and skin types, including babies from 6 weeks.

If you are expecting then I wish you luck and happiness with your new bundle of joy.

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