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Natur Boutique’s Reishi Tea

I do love a cup of tea. My usual tea of choice is a milky Yorkshire tea but every now and then I change to a herbal tea for the health benefits and for a change.

While many herbal teas are fruit infused or a twist on green teas this particular tea is totally different. This tea is made from natural mushrooms, and no it does not taste like mushroom cuppa soup.

It has been reported that Kim Kardashian is a massive fan of the Reishi tea telling her fans it is a vital part of her beauty regime. Why? Because it helps the skin look younger and fresher!

Reishi tea is a made from a herbal mushroom. Not your wacky kind but a medicinal type. Its scientific name is Ganoderma lucidum and it contains lots of important ingredients for a longer life. In fact, is has been labelled the ‘mushroom of immortality’.

It s a favourite amongst celebs as it has various anti-ageing properties. For example, the presence of certain proteins helps to boost circulation. This in turn helps your immune system and acts as an anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-allergenic. It helps to clear rashes, wounds, stings, bites, sunburn etc. At the same time increased circulation and better immune system help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

One major cause of ageing is stress and the antioxidants in the tea are said to reduce the toxins from stress in the body. Some of the symptoms of stress can be found in dry or grey skin, lose or thinking of hair and all this can be combatted by providing your body with the nutrients to help it fight these side effects.

If you don’t fancy the tea you can also by Reishi mushrooms capsules, powders, and tonic forms. More and more cosmetic products contain the herb as well so keep a look out on the label of ingredients.

The tea has a pleasant taste and smell. It is super easy to make with one tea bag per cup. I tend of leave mine to brew for 3 minutes and add one spoon of sugar. The tea contains star anise, liquorice, peppermint, and stevia which makes it taste pleasant and not bitter.

Unlike normal breakfast tea this tea is much healthier. In fact, it is said to have a detoxing effect on the liver. A handy tea to have in the cupboard after a heavy weekend.

You can find out more about the tea makers here and buy from here

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