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Multi-Point Reverse Time Signature Full Face Harmonizing Treatment

Reverse Time, based in Winchester, Hampshire, is a clinic owned and run by Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning.

Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning, who looks completely flawless I might add, is a board-certified doctor and assistant trainer with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Her knowledge of the face, aesthetics and anatomy is second to none. Unlike some aesthetic practitioners who have taken day courses, Dr Narayan-Denning has studied for years to treat and also teach aesthetic medicine.

My treatment would consist of a comprehensive consultation, a unique and signature part of the Reverse Time experience. This would include an analysis of my skin requirements, any issues and my general health along with my lifestyle and diet. This would be followed by a signature full face harmonizing treatment, tailored to me! The aim to make my natural features work in harmony with each other and perfect what I have not create something new.


Prior to treatment Doctor Aarti advises you bring along a photo of yourself 10 or 20 years younger. A time when you felt your skin and features looked their best. This will help identify your unique aging pattern, pre-existing features, and estimate the result that can be achieved.

The Consultation

Dr. Aarti Narayan-Denning informs me that the consultation is by far the most important part of the treatment. Its main objective is to uncover what I like and dislike about my face, what I want to achieve and something that is widely overlooked in the industry- my medical history and lifestyle.

My skin care routine, my profession, my choice of contraception and my diet all play a part in the treatment choices. This makes the consultation a signature protocol in itself at Reverse Time.

The consultation lasts just under an hour and it is the most comprehensive I have had; however, it is the most rewarding as well.

Dr Narayan-Denning tells me that the consultations are often done pre-treatment by a couple of days or weeks allowing the client to go home and think about what is recommended. You can approach a clinic with grand ideas of what you want but these need to be put into perspective.

I was asked about my main skin issues and how my face has changed over time. This is where the photo comes in handy to explain the dips and hollowness in my chin that I have developed over time with weight loss and age.

My consultation resulted in the clinical diagnosis of my skin, as suspected I have Rosacea and this is developing into acne rosacea.

‘You have clinical features of rosacea, and you described your skin feeling dry and tight, "asking for" moisturiser. That is quite a typical presenting complaint.’ Says Dr Narayan-Denning

The main triggers are the sun, spicy food, spirits (alcohol) and stress, or the 4 S’s. With further research I found that a majority of sufferers find they are most effected in their late 20’s and throughout their 30’s when the condition, that can lay dormant, comes alive. It can appear in a number of ways from flushed skin, to thickening on the nose, lumps like blind pimples, redness and broken veins on the checks.

The recent appearance of blind pimples and raised bumps has lead me to use products more suited to acne such as aggressive scrubs but these do not help but rather hinder by drying the skin and make it worse. Over use of creams on dry skin flood it with moisturiser making the skin fibroblasts go to sleep.

Rosacea affects the skin, blood vessels close to the skin surface, and the eyes, which can feel dry, gritty, like a form of blepharitis.

I was first prescribed some skin care to assist in the very basics and get the glowing skin of my 20’s back! I was advised to start with a creamy cleanser that is gentle and does not contain particles. Scrubs can contain small particles that get stuck in the pores and block the follicles making those terrible blind pimples. The face wash recommended was Cetaphil gentle cleanser. Follow this with a vitamin C serum such as Obagi Medical Vitamin C Serum which feeds the skin but does not drown it making it produce its own natural oils. I was also advised to increase my intake of vitamin C.

I was given a factor 50 sun block, from Obagi Medical suncream, factor 50 . This matt block is perfect for the face and everyday use, it does not clog the pores but protects against UV rays you cannot see or feel even when the sun is not shining.

I am finally on the road to getting my rosacea under control!

Under my skin my main concern was the loss of elasticity in my skin around my mouth, this was forming into crepey areas that looked hollow.

Doctor Narayan-Denning took measurements of my face and noted that my chin was slightly more pronounced then my forehead.

I was recommended that I soften these features and it would make an optical illusion that my chin was further back. This coupled with some softening around the eyes, in particular filling the dents in my temples would soften my features and widen my eyes. Adding filler to the cheek area would iron out the vertical lip lines without filling them and making the area any larger.

The Treatment

On to the treatment, surprisingly this part is relatively quick!

I was coated in numbing cream before the doctor started to mark on my face the exact areas to inject and treated.

Unlike other treatments I have had this focused on counteracting issues on my face by fixing and working on other areas. For example, rather then fill the vertical lip lines, the doctor worked on my cheeks to lift and stretch the skin upwards, this is more natural and returns to how I looked 10 years early with more fat below the skin and better skin elasticity.

‘By placing these droplets of hyaluronic acid like a quilt in the areas that are prone to volume loss, it is anatomically more natural, so it is aesthetically pleasing. ‘says Dr Narayan-Denning

I was injected by canular in the chin, jaw and cheek Juvederm Voluma. By using a canular method there are less entry points for the needles and minimal marks. I had very little bleeding and only one tiny bruise which went in 2 days. The injections were also deeper going under the muscle.

I was then injected in the temples to soften the hollows with Juvederm Ultra, designed for volume and correcting hollows and scars in the skin.

The consultation certainly helped me to relax and feel at ease and I believe this helped lesson my tension and meant less bruises and marks.

Post Treatment

Once the numbing cream wore off I had some general discomfort only when touching my face or trying to eat dense foods like apples. But that was my own silly fault for thinking I could bite into a huge apple so soon after.

I kept the area clean and make up free until the following day where surprisingly I had only had one small bruise on my chin that I could easily cover. Apart from some tenderness, I did not have any other marks, bruises or lumps.

Dr Aarti confirms that ‘in 4 weeks, the integration of product and tissue is complete, and it looks beautifully you!’

My beauty regime at home has changed to accommodate the new products. So far it has been just three days and already I have noticed a difference in my skin. It is clearer, smoother, less bumps and not as dry. I truly believe this is a result of the new products and skin advice from Reverse Time.

The cost for a multiple point harmonizing is usually £995+ (minimum of 3ml of hyaluronic acid will be used).

Find out more about Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning and her clinic, Reverse Time®, here

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