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Prepare for the Winter with Pure Potions

In an instant I am changing aftersun for intensive body creams, where has summer gone! Before my brain has cottoned on that it is October already my skin seems totally aware. The dry hands, chapped lips and rough nose has already taken hold.

Every year I always plan to start my regime for winter early so I prevent any winter skin aliments instead of trying to cure them later. This year I have stocked up on Pure Potions range of intensive creams for dry skin just in time for the autumn chilly nights.

First of the trusty hand cream and a handbag essential. Pure Potions offer a Skin Salvation Intensive hand cream. It locks in moisture unlike some water-based products which can be drying. The cream contains shea butter which creates a barrier on the skin while feeding it. So, you get twice the benefit. Your hands are protected form the cold and soaking up the moisture.

The hand cream comes in a handy pump and a cute bottle (larger sizes are available) and its just perfect for my handbag. As with all Pure Potions products the natural ingredients mean its less likely to cause skin irritation and it is un-perfumed. It makes it a great gift because you cannot go wrong with this range.

At only £10.99 starting price it’s a steal. It is so light but powerful that you don’t feel like you have greasy or dirty hands.

If you have bypassed the cream stage and need something a little more powerful then I would recommend the Skin Salvation Ointment. This is the original Pure Potions product and source of the brand. It was developed when founder Natalie needed an emollient for her daughter’s highly sensitive skin. The result was a balm made of completely natural ingredients.

In fact, this ointment is so gentle it can be used on babies from 6 weeks! Its secret lies in the oil rich formula which locks in moisture.

This heavier ointment is great for flare ups of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. You can buy a less intensive body cream with the same basis for everyday use.

I find this one great for my nose, the red patches that come from a cold and it protects my lips from the cold winds on my walks.

The hand cream can be found here:

The skin ointment starts at just £7.99 and can be found here:

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