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Give Your Hair a Holiday

63% of women straighten their hair EVERYDAY!*

Yikes! That is over half of working women subjecting their mane to intense heat every morning. Not to mention the damage from hairdryers, styling, colouring and pollution.

No wonder more and more high street salons are offering emergency hair treatments such as keratin masks, conditioning wraps and colour repair products.

Maybe it’s time to give our hair a holiday. After all, retro is very much in vogue and curls are making a comeback.

This summer I am going ‘tout naturel’. With no summer holiday in store I do not need to worry about the sand, sea or chlorine but I do need to protect against the sun. In taking the natural route I need to embrace my natural waves for that summer beach hair look. No one likes fizz so it’s vital that I condition with every wash. A great tool for wet and dry hair is the Only Curls comb, not only is it super cute it also is the perfect size for combing conditioner through wet locks. I also found it useful when my hair is dry for combing curls without snagging on knots or causing frizz. The comb is a perfect handbag size and if your hair is prone to tangles it works a dream.

If you are going to give your hair a proper treat then try the Morning Glamour satin pillowcase. It’s kind on skin and hair.

Designed to stop hair breakage and matting it can be used for all hair type including extensions. It prevents the hair from fizzing due to static or breakage by providing a smooth surface for your locks. The pillowcase comes in a range of colours and is machine washable. It also has the added benefit of being good for your skin. Unlike cotton the material does not absorb moisture meaning any skin creams remain on the skin. It also prevents those pesky sleep wrinkles that form lines across the face.

Lastly, when it’s hot and you cannot tame your curls it’s nice to be able to wear your hair up. This is possibly the best time to be alive as the scrunchie is back ladies! Gone are the sleek bands that snap and snare the hair, we welcome the 90’s scrunchie back into the fold. My favourite is the Only Curls 100% silk elasticated scrunchies. Talk about a grown up hair band! Available in a range of colours, the silk scrunchies come in packs or two and are available in large or small.

Give your hair some love this summer and treat it to its only styling holiday.


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