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The Best Non-Invasive, Lunch Time Treatment that actually WORKS! Thermage FLX at 111 Harley St.

Thermage FLX, known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’ has been on the market for over 10 years. In this time the treatment has just got better and better and to this day it is still the most highly recommended treatment for anti-ageing.

I attended the very prestigious, and highly regarded, 111 Harley St. clinic to have the treatment for myself and find out exactly how it has progressed to be the next generation of pioneering skin tightening treatments available for both the face and body.

Thermage is still the industry leader in radio frequency technology after over a decade. In early days the treatment may have been more uncomfortable, the technology has advanced so much that the current treatment is a pleasure to have, and you can see results immediately, as was in my case.

It is recommended to have Thermage from the age of 30 as this is when the skin loses its collagen, and we see the first signs of ageing. Of course, we see this earlier on sun damaged skin, but generally a yearly or bi-yearly treatment from 30 years will ensure you preserve your skins youthful appearance.

How does it work?

Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper layers in the skin, and this then stimulates collagen production.

It can be used on any areas of skin laxity such as eyes, jowls, tummy and knees. It is the only skin tightening device licenced to treat the eyelids. The device works to prevent hooding and give a more refreshed look.

What are the main concerns it can help with? Is it purely for the face?

As mentioned, it can be used on any areas of skin laxity. It can also be used on the key areas of ageing before they begin to take hold such as the eyes and jowls. Prevention and always better than cure, after all.

The device uses a much smaller applicator designed for the delicate eye area. When working on the body the applicator is larger and designed for the abdomen, legs, arms, and buttocks.

Is it ever too late to get Thermage?

No! It is recommended to start the treatments regularly (yearly) from the age of 30 and it is proven that if you do your skin retains collagen and a youthful appearance for longer.

However, this does not mean it is not effective when you have the treatment in your 40’s or 50’s!

The treatment is not recommended before the age of 30 or later than the age of 60, for optimum results.

Should I have Thermage instead of fillers and Botox?

I would say it depends on your results and what treatments you usually have. For me Thermage did not totally reduce my crow’s feet. The skin on my upper lids and corners of my eyes was tighter and I looked fresher. The skin also looked healthier and plumper, but it does not stop me making those annoying little lines when I smile, hence I still have my Botox treatment, maybe just less frequently.

Is it painful?

The great thing about the treatment is the zero downtime. It takes approx. 45 minutes to have the eye area (upper lid, under brow, crows’ feet and under eye) and you can return to work immediately. It should not cause redness or leave any marks. In fact, you look much fresher faced. It also does not hurt. If it does, then you practitioner is not doing it correctly. The technology has varied levels of heat, some feel more comfortable than others, but you can discuss this with the practitioner and then agree on a level that is comfortable for you.

The great thing is that in this case ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply. If the treatment hurts, it does not mean it is working any better! It should be comfortable and not painful, and it will have the same effect.

What can I expect the results to be?

I saw an immediate result with a much fresher appearance to my eyes and eyelids. Because the treatment does not have down time it’s a great pick up before an event or special occasion. The results are subtle immediately after, and you are likely to notice them mostly yourself as you inspect your face far more than any other.

Over time, results only improve and by 6 months you should see the full impact. The treatment is used to sustain the skin and prevent ageing so expect the results to be a lifetime if the treatment is done at regular intervals as a prevention and protection to the skin.

Eye area before treatment

Eye area after treatment

Do I need to do anything to prepare or follow complicated aftercare?

No! that’s the joy of the treatment. Not only do you see results immediately and things only get better you do not need to splurge on expensive or complicated preparation or aftercare skincare courses. Just continue your usual routine.

Why choose 111 Harley St.?

Thermage is the most popular, non-invasive treatment 111 Harley St. offer!

Founded by Dr Yannis’ aesthetic family, the clinic has performed over 10,000 treatments (invasive and non-invasive) with patients flying in from across the globe.

My treatment was performed by experienced Aesthetician, Violeta Grigoriu. Violeta specialises in skin rejuvenation and related treatments and has been working with lasers and radiofrequency since 2014. She also has experience in dermatology and is vastly knowledgeable about anti-ageing treatments.


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