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Project BE is a non-profit campaign providing essentials for vulnerable women in the UK. It aims to provide a source of essentials to women and men in a vulnerable position.


Working with ‘Love in a Bag’, Project BE collects donations of wellness essentials for men and women. ‘Love in a Bag’ a East Anglia based organisation distributes wellness packages to a number of different charities helping homeless shelters and those vulnerable to domestic abuse, violence and addiction. Not only do these essentials provide a means of cleanliness and comfort they also can make those receiving them feel better about themselves. Many of these vulnerable people do not have the money to buy or access to beauty or well-being items and treatments.


We welcome donations of un-used toiletries such as deodorants, body wash, oral hygiene items, shaving kits, soap and shampoo. Items can also include makeup, bubble bath, body creams, sanitary wear and specialist items such as creams for skin conditions.

Donated items can be sent direct to Project BE or we can arrange collection. For more information or to make a donation please contact Georgie.h@talk21.com.


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