Curly & Chemical Free

In my endeavor to keep this website fresh and relevant I have enrolled some group testers to review a more diverse range of products. I am often asked to review items that are not suitable for my skin, hair or age group. Hence seeking out experienced writers and beauty fans to be my guinea pigs. This week we welcome PR professional, Natasha Rice. Natasha, a fitness fanatic and busy mother, takes centre stage to review the latest chemical free hair products for curly hair. Natasha says ‘My hair type was long, fine but thick, curly and a bit too frizzy. But following treatment for breast cancer last year it’s now very short, although the regrowth is similar to what it used to be’. Natasha revi

Skin Academy: Ink'd Tattoo Care

Guest blogger and tattoo fan Gemma Flinders, @oh_my_gemma, tells TTT all about the Ink'd range of skincare from The Skin Academy. What is arguably the worst thing for tattoos? The sun. The sun not only has the ability to prematurely age skin, but it can also fade tattoos, and fast. This is why it is always a great idea, when skin care brands make tattoo specific products, to include a SPF. The Skin Academy have done just that within their Ink’d Tattoo Care range. Their protecting daily moisturiser has a sun protection factor of 15, admittedly this low level isn’t the best, but if you are a sun fiend, this protection will be better than nothing, helping keep those tattoos looking newer for lo

Ultimate Recovery Kit

The holiday is over and it’s back to reality. Not only do I have the holiday blues I need another holiday to recover from the hectic one I just took. Jamming so much into 15 days was exhausting and the change in water, food, weather and conditions means I need some TLC time. I was not looking forward to coming home, but I was looking forward to my own bed, bath and shower. My first weekend back and I choose to do a pamper session, here are my salvation essentials. From top to toe My holiday didn’t include the sea and sand but it did include a lot of sun and a lot of paint... oddly enough. While in India we were lucky enough to be involved in Holi Festival the spring celebration of colour. I

Holiday Essentials

This spring I ventured to India. A new experience for me and totally different for where and how I have traveled previously. Over the course of 15 days myself and James (​The Polished Man) boarded 6 flights, rode numerous hours in hire cars and tuk tuks and walked countless steps. In total we traveled over 21,000 miles not counting our detours, site seeing and arranged expeditions. Before we left, James told me to pack light, take clothes I can leave behind, wash or wear again and again. Don’t bother with heels and make up, GHDs and tongs but do pack enough toiletries for two! The challenge began, I needed to take my essentials and his while keeping my baggage weight as light as possible. I

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