Sesderma Azelac RU Liposomal Serum TRX

Years of tanning have meant my skin is pigmented and patchy. Couple this with rosacea and I suffer from redness and plenty of blemishes. Once a spot heals I find it takes the skin a long time to return to normal. A small blemish can leave a red and dry patch on my skin for weeks. I naturally have very pale and freckled skin, I blemish easily and scars are faintly visible across my face. I ditched the sun years ago and have since increased my face care game. I now take much more care of my skin, but the one thing that I thought I could not fix was the redness and marks left from spots, bumps or dry skin. Until... now. I have not been using Sesderma Azelac Serum for long but I have already see

Budget Beauty....Or just sensible spending?

The biggest lesson I have learnt since running this site is that money does not always equal value. Sometimes the most economical items provide the best value and it is all down to your expectations, requirements and budget. Sometimes the most expensive face cream does not work with your complexion as well as the supermarket own brand. Tell me about what products you really get your money’s worth on. Here are a pick of my top buys that won’t break the bank. Dry Days The unpredictable UK weather means you can never be sure of your skincare needs. Chap stick or sun block? Hand cream or sun cream? The weather, stress and age all play havoc with your skin and as I get older I notice my skin is d

BeGlow TIA; Electronic Cleanser and Facial Toner

I love gadgets! They are designed to make our life easier, to do things quicker and to improve our lives. So why not use our innovation to make a gadget that helps the environment? BeGlow have done just that. The BeGlow TIA is a sonic device, one of two in its new range of cleansing tools. The TIA is designed to cleanse the face without the use of face wipes. It can take 100-500 years for face wipes to decompose but an electric cleanser can be used for years, is kind to skin and hygienic. The TIA model is designed to both cleanse and tone with two head fittings that can be used every day. The cleansing brush is silicone and removable making it easy to clean and replaced. At £199 I admit it’s

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