Hydrate your skin from summer

Six weeks ago I wrote a post on my summer essentials found here. Finally the summer seems to be in full swing with some beautiful, long summer days forecast. I never feel totally ready for summer. I am not at my goal weight, I didn’t get the glowing skin, I haven’t got the sun kissed hair or learnt how to windsurf. Then again England never feels ready for summer either, and sometimes it chooses to miss the season completely. This year just when we thought the summer was never going to happen it has strung itself on us and while I am busy getting beach ready I am missing the vital aftercare. My ultra pale skin has been roasted in this weather. If I am not sweating over my laptop keys I am des

Three is the magic number

I have not always had sensitive skin. I spent my teen’s moisturiser free and with very few spots, then my 20’s tanned and often de-hydrated then my 30s with sensitive combination skin. Like the seasons our skin will change. Environmental elements, stress, allergies and pollution can all change our skin from month to month. I don’t believe that anyone can go through life using just one product that suits their skin perfectly forever. Whatever your age or skin type of think we should all have at least 3 products in our makeup bags. These can change from season to season and year to year. I only really realised how important theses are recently as I have been travelling a lot and need to pack m

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