Active Summer Selection

The sunshine fills me with energy. Rather than spend time in the gym I like to be outdoors, cycling, walking, taking part in water sports and other activities. I also like to embrace the more natural look. Less makeup, clearer skin and a little more freedom. After all in England we try and make the most of the limited sunshine and love to get our legs out with the slightest rise in temperatures. Regardless of where I am I always carry a bag and within this is my emergency beauty kit. It usually contains a flannel, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, moisturiser, sun cream, soap and a little make up. After a walk or at the end of a hot summer’s workday the beauty kit is my go to. If I do not hav

Give Your Hair a Holiday

63% of women straighten their hair EVERYDAY!* Yikes! That is over half of working women subjecting their mane to intense heat every morning. Not to mention the damage from hairdryers, styling, colouring and pollution. No wonder more and more high street salons are offering emergency hair treatments such as keratin masks, conditioning wraps and colour repair products. Maybe it’s time to give our hair a holiday. After all, retro is very much in vogue and curls are making a comeback. This summer I am going ‘tout naturel’. With no summer holiday in store I do not need to worry about the sand, sea or chlorine but I do need to protect against the sun. In taking the natural route I need to embrace

The Blemish Game Changers: Non Crease Concealer

As a teenager my concealer stick was my best friend. Trusted to cover the latest spot or blemish my only concern was matching my skin tone and budget. As my skin ages and changes my make up requirements get far more complex. I have always had combination skin but with the onset of rosacea I battle with dry skin, redness and clogged pores. As such, I have chosen to reduce the amount of makeup I wear on a daily basis. At times of stress or extreme weather conditions my rosacea breaks out. It means I have red cheeks, small raised bumps and uneven skin. Dryness in some areas and oily in others, it is truly a foundation nightmare. I found the best way to deal with this is by using a concealer, wh

Go Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer research has always been a cause near and dear to the hearts of the RevitaLash team—company founder Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D., developed his eyelash conditioning formula after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32. The company will once again elevate their support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating a percentage of the profits from the sales of the Limited Edition Pink RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced to research and education initiatives during its dedicated Pink Promotion in October. A proud year-round supporter of breast cancer awareness, research and education, RevitaLash works to eradicate women’s cancers, while inspiring beauty and life qua

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