London Calling… they want their fabulous hair back!

As a child I have beautiful, long, thick and shiny brunette locks. Then I discovered home hair dye. After a good 20 years of self-colouring, salon treatments, bleaching, striping, perming and straightening my hair needs a rest. I have recently started to have balayage and the condition of my hair has improved, coupled with some salon treatments my hair is growing well. I have tried endless home treatments, and most try to cover and coat the hair while not actually helping the underlying condition. I was on the hunt for an affordable hair system that was going to be money well invested in improving my hair condition not just covering it up. I came across WNt London shampoo and conditioner ran

Autumn Skin Care

As much as I love the cosy jumpers and autumn colours, I hate the impact these colder months have on my skin. With the colder and drier air my skin becomes flakier and I am prone to reoccurring skin conditions such as eczema. After years of suffering with cracked and dry skin on my legs, face and arms I have finally found a routine that works and makes the autumn months a little more enjoyable, even in the rain! The key is to start moisturising early. Be aware that the colder and drier months are coming and prepare your skin. Leave it too late and the damage is done and then it is harder to get on top of your skin complaints and you will be battling the elements all winter. One of the staple

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