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My Top Tips

When choosing any clinic it’s important to research your chosen practitioners, not all are the same or have the same level of training and experience.

This is the same for all treatments whether invasive or not. There are hundreds of schools offering aesthesis and beauty treatments at a training level. You will find after looking at galleries of work that these practices have a particular style or way of working and you will choose a favourite.

Here are my top tips when looking for a treatment provider:

Don’t go for special offers! I know it’s tempting to see an offer on Groupon or a salon window but do your research. Check the practitioner and their portfolio.

Check the product! With all cosmetic procedures you need to ask about the product they are using. We all have our favourite make up brands, the best products for the job in hand. When it comes to treatments research the product being used. There are over 100 brands of dermal filler on the market. So look for the clinics which use the market leaders. With semi-permanent make up ensure your chosen clinic is using the best pigments available. Treatments can be found at unbelievably low rates using substandard products.

Be prepared for pain- prepare yourself for the pain and discomfort of the procedure, it’s worth it!

Be prepared for bruising and some hardening, this is natural and nothing to be concerned about and should reduce and smooth out in a matter of days.

Check the practitioners portfolio. If they do not have a portfolio you can look at then steer clear. Ensure you like all the results of the treatments they have performed.. Most clinics have more than one practitioner available for procedures so ask to see as many examples as possible.

Make sure your practitioner listens! They should advise you on the treatment. However, they need to ask what you ultimately want. To achieve the outcome you may need more than one treatment.

Ask your practitioners advice. If you are undergoing aesthetic procedures your practitioner will be trained to understand the face. They can tell you what needs correcting and how, so do listen to their advice and experience.

Make sure you can afford it. Treatments can take more than one sitting. If you are very lucky you may only need to book in once a year but if you are looking to achieve a look and sustain that look e.g: full lips, dark brows, and then it may mean you need regular maintenance. A good example is my lips. They started very thin, to improve them I have a series of semi-permanent make up which I had two sittings for, and needs refreshing every 3-4 years followed by fillers which are approx. every 6 months. If I wanted larger lips I would book in more often. I could wait 12 months for my filler to wear off but would then need to start again so it’s better and cheaper to maintain more regularly and spread the cost.

Ask the practitioner about the number of procedures and how regularly you would need them to maintain before committing.

Lastly, enjoy the results!

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