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Lunch Hour Lift?!

If you are interested in the cosmetic surgery industry you will have heard of River Aesthetics. What you might not know is that they offer signature treatments, unique to their clinics and devised by industry experts.

In this feature I talk to leading medical aesthetic doctors – Dr Victoria and Dr Charlotte –about some of the cutting edge treatments the provide in the UK.

Hi, tell me what is different about your clinic and the treatments you provide

Hi, we are experienced medical aesthetic doctors and UK national trainers for thread-lifting and vaginal rejuvenation.

We specialise in non-surgical thread lifts using both PDOs and Silhouette Soft threads and advanced facial aesthetic treatments, such as injectable treatments for lines and wrinkles, medical skin peels and thread vein treatments using Thermavein.

These treatments sound highly specified and top level, can you tell me what qualifications and experience you have that sets you apart?

Clinic owners Dr. Charlotte Woodward MBChB MRCGP MBCAM & Dr Victoria Manning BM DFFP have over 40 years combined experience.

Dr Woodward established River Aesthetics in 2012 along with Dr Victoria Manning. Since then she has pioneered the UK’s first non-surgical breast lift using threads and is a national trainer for PDO threads and Desirial for feminine rejuvenation.

Dr Victoria is a national trainer for both PDO and Silhouette Soft threads, as well as Desirial for feminine rejuvenation.

You mention that you are experts and leaders in the PDO lift, What is this?

The RiverLIFT is our signature treatment it restores balance and softens the signs of ageing by using a combination of thread-lifting and facial injectables. See more here

We can restore volume, reduce wrinkles and define areas of the face without having to go under the knife and have a full face lift.

A face lift with no sedation? How?

The treatment takes approx 60 minutes meaning less down time then a regular face lift. Not just that but it is far more affordable as well.

Tiny entry marks are made by the ear then fine threads are advanced along pre-marked contours. The threads are made from polydioxanone (PDO) – the same material used for medical stitches – which dissolve naturally in the body over time..

Once the threads are in place, your body starts to produce new bundles of collagen around each thread and this in turn creates a subtle yet effective lift. The results differ for each person, but are very natural giving a rejuvenated and refreshed look. There is no scarring and recovery times are a lot less than those associated with traditional surgery.

And it’s not just great for lifting a sagging neckline: we have combined our expertise in PDO, Silhouette Soft and Boca threads, in conjunction with hyaluronic acid fillers, to create bespoke thread lifts for the lips, face, body and breasts.

You are known as leaders in new innovations in the industry what do you think will be next for aesthetics?

Less is more, we expect to see more people wanting subtle differences and enhancements rather than obvious treatments to the face. This can be achieved with threads.

Any words of advice for people considering the treatments?

Always see someone who is medically qualified and check their qualifications and experience, cheaper is not better

Any tips for those interested in joining the industry?

It is not a get rich quick industry, it takes hard work and dedication and a passion for what you do – River Aesthetics have been doing this for past 14yrs and attend regular updates and have seen a lot of changes in aesthetics during this time

River Aesthetics have clinics in Harley Street (London), Canford Cliffs (Sandbanks, Poole), and Lymington (New Forest)

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