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Microblading; what's it all about?

This month I am opening my blog to allow reviews from outside sources. Some treatments I am not suitable for myself (skin or scar damage, ageing skin etc) and in these cases I can provide models who I can accompany while they have the treatment, and provide a review.

This month I have been reviewing the work of Eye Artistry. A Bedford based home salon offering a number of treatments including; Individual eyelash extensions, Dermaplane facial treatment, and Microblading eyebrows, which is the treatment I have reviewed.

Eye Artistry is owned and ran by Sharon who conducts the treatments herself. Sharon spent 6 years successfully conducting eyelash extensions and then progressed to offer microblading after a extensive training programme lasting over 8 months!

Sharon says ‘what I love most about my job is that I can provide people with confidence and see their self-esteem blossom. The job satisfaction is second to none. I have also achieved the flexibility I needed to work around my family’.

A recent and very happy client of Sharon’s is Caroline Giles, a recruitment consultant. Caroline says ‘I wanted to get my brows done as I had tried HD brows and hadn't quite got the results I wanted! So, I thought I would give microblading a try!’.

Caroline choose to book With Eye Artistry after following the social media profile ( and @eye_artistry) and seeing videos and images proving the value of the work Sharon does. Sharon also comes highly recommended.

So what can you expect from Eye Artistry Microblading? Firstly, you will have a consultation where Sharon will talk you through the procedure. You complete the necessary forms and read all the information provided. Sharon allows you time to think about your treatment, read the information she provides and consider your options. It’s a relaxed environment as all treatment clinics should be.

Sharon herself says ‘My advice for anyone considering semi-permanent brows would be to do considerable research on the person doing them, ensure you see healed work, meet them and discuss and ask questions and ensure they are working safely.

If you choose to book with Eye Artistry then Sharon will advise on the right shade of brow for your skin tone. This can also be perfected on your second treatment to help get the desired colour. Most importantly the shape of the brow is a major factor in the procedure. The brow is measured and everything is equal and correct for your face shape and natural brow line before the actual microblading begins.

The area is then numbed using cream, but do not fear, the treatment is relatively painless, more of a scratching sensation. It might feel a little sore like sunburn afterwards when the numbing cream wears off.

Image shows before and immediately after treatment

Aftercare is relatively simple; the main thing is to leave well alone to heal. Avoid getting the brows wet for 7-10 days, just pat them with boiled water (cooled to touch) 2-3 times in the first 24 hours. Then apply a balm on the second day. The skin will peel naturally and avoid picking any of the pigment as it can affect the overall result.

Image shows final brow after the recommended healing time

The treatment costs £250 and last 1-3 years. You will need a top up colour booster when you feel the colour is fading.

For more information contact Sharon at Eye Artistry on5 Itchen Close, Bedford MK41 7UD


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