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Top Oral Health & Whitening Picks for Autumn

With autumn in fully swing and the Christmas party season approaching I wanted to ensure I had my best white, toothy smile for the camera.

In the past I have used a variety of products available on the high street. In addition, I have had laser treatment (something I was disappointed with) and tried dental cleaning.

I am lucky enough to have healthy and filling free gnashers and strive to keep them that way! One thing that worries me about treatments and products is the harm they can cause your teeth in the long term.

Here are my top dental purchases currently on the market at affordable prices to get your pearly whites looking perfect in time for Christmas!

Dentek Whitening Floss Picks

Dentek Whitening Floss Picks

Ever had a pretty women moment? No not that kind.. one where you really need to floss!

As some one that has rather gappy teeth! I love a good floss. For breath freshness and gum health flossing is essential. Traditionally I used dental floss on a roll, the downside is trying to fit your hands in your mouth and ending up with floss stuck between your teeth. These picks are the perfect solution. They provide a pointed pick one end and floss the other, easy to reach back teeth and far more hygienic then fitting fingers in your mouth! They even have whitening crystals on the floss fibres meaning even the smallest areas get the whitening treatment!

Available at Boots Pharmacy here for £6.00

Reason to buy: Perfect Handbag essential when you are on the go, they even come with a pick holder

The Breath Co.

The Breath Co. Healthy Gums Oral Rinse

Like smelly foods but not the after effects? If like me you are new on the dating scene you will be wanting to ensure your breathe is minty fresh at all times, you never know who you might meet!

This oral rinse is brand new from dentist and bacteriologist Dr Harold Katz, also known as the ‘Bad Breath Guru’! Not the most endearing of names but he is the master in oral health and the founder of The California Breath Clinics.

The rinse retails are £14, and when used twice daily its effects last 24 hours! Far longer than cheaper alternatives.

It doesn’t just freshen breath but it also aids gum health. This rinse contains an ingredient which has been shown to eliminate germs associated with gum disease.

Available at Boots Pharmacy here

Reason to buy: Long lasting fresh breath!

Colgate Max White

Colgate® Max White Toothbrush plus Whitening Pen™.

Colgate® is a brand we are all familiar with and can trust. The Max White range is a bathroom cabinet standard we all should have. The toothbrush with integrated pen alongside the toothpaste is perfect for everyday use.

The toothbrush has a handy holder for the whitening pen that contains hydrogen peroxide. It makes it easy for the pen to be integrated into your brushing routine in the mornings.

Using the products together gives the best results, the whitening toothpaste removes stains, the medium bristle brush polishes the teeth gently reaching hard to find areas. Rinse and use the pen, a simple twist mechanism, and apply the gel which contains 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. The pen significantly whitens teeth deep below the enamel (intrinsic stains) to remove colour and reverse years of yellowing, for noticeable whitening results. This incredible and unique gel makes this pen unlike any other whitening pens out there. It has incredible water repellent properties (hydrophobic) so it sticks to teeth allowing a slow release of its active ingredient, peroxide, so it keeps working both above and below the tooth’s surface all day to give you a whiter brighter smile. No waiting and no rinsing!

Available at Boots Pharmacy here for £8.00

Reason to buy: Affordable, daily use oral health and whitening solution

Arm & Hammer® Advance White Sensitive Toothpaste

Can you believe that Arm and Hammer has been providing us with their unique toothpaste for over160 years?! That’s long enough for me to realise they have something right in the world of toothcare.

If your teeth are sensitive or perhaps you over done the whitening treatments then this is the perfect solution. The key ingredient, baking soda, is a natural whitening ingredient. It is gentle on the teeth but still gives great results.

Advanced White also contains Potassium Nitrate, an ingredient that helps protect sensitive teeth.

Not only that but it is affordable and available nearly everywhere! So, no excuses not to try this budget bargain.

Available at most pharmacies and supermarkets for £3 .00

Reason to buy: Affordable solution for sensitive teeth

BLAQ Whitening Wand

BLAQ Whitening Pen

Wanting to go 100% natural in your oral care? Then why not try BLAQ, an Australian brand available here:

The teeth whitening wand contains activated charcoal and coconut oil, two natural products that lift stains for the tooth surface. The charcoal whitens, and the coconut oil is anti-bacterial making it the perfect combination and perfectly named wand!

Simply brush onto the teeth and allow to dry. Avoid food and drink for 30 minutes. It’s great for on the go and so easy to use.

BLAQ Teeth Whitening Wand retails at £14.95

Reason to buy: Best instant fix for those wanting a natural approach to whitening

Curaprox Black is White

Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste and Brush

This very snazzy looking toothpaste contains activated carbon to gently adsorb and remove stains. Coupled with a blue optical filter, the toothpaste reduces yellowing usually from caffeinated drinks, smoking and some foods.

It is also antibacterial and assists oral hygiene’s meaning it has all the benefits of a usual toothpaste but no nasties attaching your enamel and the benefit of whitening!

The toothpaste is available in Mint and Citrus flavour.

The toothpaste has a hidden ingredient, hydroxyapatite, a mineral form of calcium. Brushing with this paste will help fill holes in the tooth surface and strengthen the tooth enamel.

I used this with the CS Ultra Soft toothbrush, a gentle bristle brush that cleans but does not erode the tooth.

Available at for £19.95

Reason to buy: Unique flavour, soft brush and adds sparkle to your teeth, especially good for tea, coffee and red wine lover

Smile Lab

Smile Lab Whitening Strips

These strips are perfect for those on the go. Holiday, work, or nights away these are the perfect pick up. You apply the strips for 30 minutes to upper and lower teeth. Then brush and rinse. I applied and then multi-tasked like a queen by washing my hair and shaving my legs. They provide an instant whitening to your teeth as well as keeping them healthy and bacteria free.

I love the handy Smile Lab strip holder that come with the kit! So cute and stylish.

Available at Boots Pharmacy here for £28.50

Reason to buy: Great for jet setters, this handy solution comes in strips perfect for people on the move


REGENERATE Enamel Science Dental system

Years of caffeine rich drinks, sugar filled treats and colourful delights means your tooth enamel takes a bashing. Enamel is tough but over time erodes and can discolour and become weak. This system was created to reverse the early erosion process and regenerate enamel mineral.

The system comprises of a toothpaste for daily use. Made from a non-water based formula. I found it thick and easy to use, more of a paste texture and easy to brush with. Use this as you would any toothpaste twice a day. In addition, the system comes with two mouth guards. Simply apply the NR-5TM Serum to the guards and place on your teeth after brushing in the evening.

The mouth trays are custom fit and will last a lifetime. The gel and toothpaste can be bought separately to keep on going your treatments. It is advised to use for just three days once a month for 3 minutes at a time.

I loved this kit for two reasons; it is so easy to use! I can apply and tidy the bathroom then remove and its done! Secondly, I love the packaging. I cannot deny it looks rather fabulous in my bathroom.

Retails at starting from £10

Reason to buy: Perfect for the 25+ lady and so easy it can fit around any schedule.

Prices correct as of 8/10/17

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