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Dr Krystyna to take residency in SW6!

Skin and tooth expert, Dr Krystyna, is finally coming to the big smoke!

Many of you in the field of aesthetics or following the industry may have heard of Dr Krystyna Wilczynski. She specialises in bespoke facial aesthetics and non-surgical treatments. Originally her clinics were based between Guildford in Surrey and Upminster in Essex. This November Dr Wilczynski will be start a London residency In Fulham within luxury beauty hub, Blush + Blow London! Meaning it is quick and easy to book in providing she is not fully booked!

Blush + Blow is a luxury salon based on Kings Road, Fulham. The salon is the creation of Bridget O’Keeffe, makeup artist, beauty blogger and entrepreneur. The idea behind the salon is that it would be a central (SW6) one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

The latest residency means it is easier to reach the talents of Dr Krystyna, especially for anyone in London and surrounding areas.

If you are not familiar with Dr Krystyna, she is known for her ‘tweakments’. By this I mean the facial aesthetic and dentistry treatments that result in truly undetectable, natural looking results.

Dr Krystyna is known for include the following bespoke facial aesthetic and dental treatments; Botox / Anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement, Nose to Mouth Lines, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign Orthodontics, Dental Implants and custom designed porcelain / composite veneers.

Dr Krystyna is a member of The British Dental Association, the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery and the International Team for Implantology.

Dr Krystyna Wilczynski website:

Blush + Blow website:

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