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Cosmetic Surgery and Me; Becky Holt

Over the next few months I will be posting interviews with some ‘faces’ in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. These will include doctors, surgeons, experts, beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. As well as talking to those who make our cosmetic dreams come true I will be interviewing a variety of influential people who have undergone procedures.

The first is Becky Holt, international inked model, known for her impressive body art and sassy attitude. Becky has a huge following and is an icon in tattoo / body art circles. As well as being a professional model Becky is the owner of Tattoo and Piercing Studio Loco lounge in Birmingham.

Becky is not shy about her procedures. Unlike many mainstream models she does not hide the fact that she has enhanced herself. I 100% support this ethos. It is our own body and we can do as we wish with it and why not improve what you are born with?

Hi Becky, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions for The Treatment Tester.

I love your positive attitude towards cosmetic surgery and aesthetics. I feel this is very empowering and great for females looking to you as a role model.

Thank you, Gina, and thank you for inviting me to feature on The Treatment Tester.

I think it's amazing that we are able to change our appearances to appear more youthful or beautiful. I'm a huge fan of aesthetics and think it's a choice and nobody should feel like they can't do something with their own body.

Tell me more about your journey into cosmetic surgery and aesthetics.

I had my first surgery at age 20. I choose breast enlargement. I had a development problem growing up and I didn't have any breast tissue at all so having my boobs done made me womanlier. By 20 years of age I was fully developed so I was not too young for the treatment.

Since then over the last 10 years I have undergone the knife twice more for breast augmentation and once for rhinoplasty.

Of the procedures you have had which are you most pleased with results wise?

I am really pleased with my rhinoplasty. I think people are put off by the process and healing as it is a delicate area, on the face and can be complicated. But the results of my procedure are fantastic and gave me so much more confidence. I always hated my nose but I'm so much happier with my new one.

I choose a clinic in Poland. The treatment I received with fantastic.

Do you think the reason you have been so happy with your treatments is because you choose your surgeon wisely?

When I look for a treatment or procedure I always ask for recommendations from people and real feedback not just what you can find online. I also check online review sites where people can post about their procedure and it is unbias. I then always attend a one to one consultation to make sure I'm comfortable with the person doing the work.

Have you had any treatments that were a waste of time or disappointing? Perhaps a procedure where the results were not as good as expected.

I have had botched fillers in the past but I don't regret having them. I learnt my lesson to only go with the best. Do your research!

The only other procedure I’ve been unhappy with are chemical peels. I've got problematic skin and I can't seem to find a suitable solution but I'm yet to try new things. The procedure was fine and my treatment was positive but the results I experienced where not as good as I hoped. This might be different for someone else.

Talking of non-surgical treatments what is your favourite?

Botox! I highly recommend it. It makes my skin appear smoother and more youthful, it prevents crow’s feet and lifts my brows giving me confidence that I look young and fresh.

Do you have a ‘go to’ practitioner?

Yes, I highly recommend Clair Danks from Boux Aesthetics for fillers. Clair has a strong background in nursing and anaesthetics. She has been administering my fillers for a number of years and she's really talented.

I admire your stance and positive attitude to cosmetic surgery. Some people think we lose our identity and become clones by choosing to change ourselves and should leave well alone. What do you say to that?

When I look at my old pictures I don't like my appearance. The surgery I've had has made me who I am today. I'm a much stronger woman now for doing what I like and not caring what other people think about it.

What’s next? Are you still looking to have further procedures? And if so what?

I'd love to have more work done. I'd like my nose done again. I'd like larger boobs and I'd love a bigger butt but I don't fancy not being able to sit for a month.

Any words of advice for people considering surgical and non-surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes?

My advice to anyone wanting surgery, is if it's what you really want something then go for it. Just make sure it's with a professional qualified well experienced practitioner.

Follow Becky and see her transformation and unique look for yourself at @beckylocoholt

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