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Amp up your Lashes for Christmas Party Season

December is party season; Christmas and New Year. Your skin takes a bashing during the winter season not to mention the hangovers and over indulgence.

This year I am trying keep the Christmas excess to a minimum. I am cutting back on booze, and taking steps to take care of my skin.

In my attempt to keep fresh faced I have opted to ditch the fake lashes this year and go natural for the office party. To get my lashes thick, dark and beautifully long I have indulged in some top make up buys. Here are my favourites:

Let’s get the basics right!

One thing I have learnt is that no amount of makeup can fix something that is damaged to start. Taking care of your skin, hair and nails is the first step, make up enhances not totally fixes.

Hairburst is a serum used to condition the lashes as well as encourage growth. In my case from years of using fake lashes, individual and strip extensions my lashes had become sparse and thin. In some cases, rather patchy. The idea of the serum is to improve the appearance of thin, fine, short or sparse lashes by wakening dormant, non-activated hair roots of each eyelash and pushing them into the growth phase.

Hairburst is 98% natural, vegan, cruelty free, no SLS or Parabens. Pretty important seeing as a lot of eye lash based serums has hormones in them. Instead Hairburst Eyelash Growth Serum contains Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 the ingredient that encourages keratin in the body and the growth of lashes.

At just £29.99 it’s a steal and lasts for the recommended 6 weeks with daily applications.

This serum is not just for lashes but also for brows.

As we age our hair follicles can be weakened and reduce in number leading to noticeably thinner hair.

You may be familiar with Rubis, the makers of the famous eyebrow tweezers. This time round they have partnered with Swiss Pharmaceutical to create an Eyelash and Eyebrow Anti-Aging Serum

The formula is rich in panthenol, and biotinoyl GHK, which stimulates growth while hyaluronic acid and plant proteins helps to ward off the thinning effects aging may have on eyebrows.

It’s easy to use, just apply twice a day lightly to the lashes and brows.

What I like most is that this is a long-term solution, it helps build my lashes and brows by the foundations and ward of the effects of ageing and repair some of the damage I have done.

This is my favourite go to day time mascara. It not only makes my lashes dark and glossy but also nourishes them and is lightweight.

It lasts up to 24 hours, no flaking, is waterproof and curls the lash! The brush is easy to use and there is no flaking or running of the mascara on to your cheeks. To top it off the black is really dark, not a tinge or grey.

The mascara is made of clay minerals that help add gloss, lengthen and hold the curl without your lashes feeling stiff or dry. Applied with the dainty brush you are not at risk of overloading your lashes with heavy or clumpy looking mascara.

When it’s time to shine I love the Fake Me Up mascara! It’s the fake lash look without the hassle.

This is my favourite go to day time mascara. It not only makes my lashes dark and glossy but also nourishes them and is lightweight.

The mascara contains beeswax and candelilla wax making application easy. Along with corn, soy and wheat proteins the lashes are moisturised and won’t dry out.

Hidden inside is also some nylon fibres that are bound together and can give your lashes increase length and thickness.

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