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Skin Care Stocking Fillers (no pun intended)

If you are looking for the perfect stocking fillers for your loved one then look no further. If they like beauty, skin care and looking more youthful then these little gifts might be just what they wished for.

Source: Ted Baker

Indeed Labs Nanoblur Skin Finisher

Indeed Labs is a canadian based company that offer skin specific ‘solutions’ for anti-ageing and other skin problems. The nanoblur is their signature product which they took to market in 2011.

Originally the nanoblur was designed to give camera ready results and smooth lines and imperfections that high definition cameras can detect. The cream uses a formula that is water based and gentle on skin. It works by changing the way light reflects off the skin. It means it can blur and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and blemishes whether on camera, or in harsh light.

I use this as a base over moisturiser. Much like a primer to the skin before make up. However, you can use it without make up and it has a great result.

Available in Boots:

Indeed Labs Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue

An eye cream is the go to product for me. This is a staple every make up bag should have. The Eysilix instant eye rescue from Indeed labs works to restore the eyes smoothness and reduce fine lines.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. This cream can be used to instantly refresh the eyes. It lifts the skin and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

I find this cream a great pick up for the skin. It is light weight and great to use for the mornings when my eyes are puffy.

Available in Boots:

Nadur Genie Cleanser

Nadur is a 100% natural brand for both genders. They work on the basis of “green chemistry” mixing nature’s freshest active ingredients to create products that are safe for you and good for the planet too!

The products are minimalist and gentle. They work with the skins natural defences and are non-toxic.

The cleanser is one pf my top buys. It is oil based but also water soluble so it can gently lift off make up and dirt without harming the skin. Our skin has natural barriers to the outside world and some make up removers and cleansers can strip our skin bare and make it prone to dryness and sensitivity. The non-greasy formula also moisturises and hydrates the skin.

It acts as a 2 in 1 make up remover and cleansers suitable for all skin types, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Available online:

Sönd Skin Clean Slate Cream Cleanser

Sönd is the product of experience. The brand owners experienced sensitive and problematic skin that did not agree with usual high street products. It resulted in the creation of Sönd as a full range of skin care designed to balance alkaline in the skin.

Alkaline is the ph level of the skin. Most products has a ph of 5.5 but Sönd works on a ph of 7.3, just above the neutral level of 7. This higher ph level is key to regenerating skin. Skincare products have become more acidic over time but are now reverting to alkaline solutions as we find not all skin is compatible with acidic solutions and not all skin has the same ph level.

The clean slate cleanser can be used on dry skin, just massage in to remove make up and deep clean the skin. I find it best to dampen a flannel and rinse the solution off for best results.

My skin feels beautifully clean but not dry or tight, that’s why I recommend this for sensitive skin and anyone looking to protect their skin especially in the winter months.

See more about Sönd here:

Sönd Skin Midnight Feast Night Cream

It is advisable to use a complete range rather than mix to many items. One of my fav’s that accompanies the cleanser is the Midnight Feast Cream.

I recently suffered from a cold, couple this with artificial heat, chilly fresh air and generally feeling awful my skin felt dry and sore. This cream was a skin saver! It smells beautiful but light, and not heavy or over powering. I applied after drying my ace in the evening ready for bed. It doesn’t feel greasy and slide onto the skin. I applied to face and neck and couldn’t feel any dry skin when I awoke. I love this little skin treat.

See more about Sönd here:

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