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Botox for Crows Feet by Visage Academy

In the last year or so I have noticed clusters of fine lines around my eyes. These are known as crows feet or laughter lines. The lines form over time as the face moves and the skin changes.

I have always been really careful with the skin around my eyes. I know it is delicate and I apply eye creams, remove make up with recommended products and I wear sunglasses when possible to stop my squinting.

However, the dreaded fine lines have appeared and for the last year I have been using a mobile app’ to erase them from images. See me face to face and I think it is a big giveaway to my age.

I initially thought crow’s feet treatment would be via filler. I had Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) in the area over 6 years ago and did not like the results so I was apprehensive when the aesthetic clinic suggested Botox in the area.

I booked in as a model with trusted doctor, Dr Michael Aicken at Visage Academy. The Visage team is based in Belfast but run a training academy in London regularly. It is extremely popular and the courses are always booked well in advance. The 4 day Diploma course in aesthetic injectable (Botulinum Toxin Type A & Hyaluronic Acid Gel) can be completed by either ‘Medics’ (Doctors, Dentist & Nurses) who wish to receive a more complete training package or certain ‘Non-Medics’ (see below for definition) who wish to receive certification to practice Botox and Fillers in the UK.

Dr Aicken and his wife Ruth reassured me that the results would be worthwhile and also that the treatment and its effects would be preferable over the current lines. I trust both their opinions and went ahead.

I expected the injections to be painful after all there is little fat around this area, the skin is thin and it’s close to the eyes. However, I hardly felt a thing thanks to the numbing cream and the micro fine needle. I had three injections either side on the outer, lower corner of my eyes just above the cheek bone. The trainees felt my face and bone structure, looked at the lines around the eyes and then penciled on where to inject making it totally symmetrical. I total I had 15 units of Botox by Allergan. The dose was 2.5 units x 3 each side.

The treatment was one of the quickest and painless ones I have had to date. As well as this it did not leave any bruising or marking. The results have been instant! I do not need to use the mobile erase app as of yet and the skin in the area feels totally normal and soft. Treatment was with 1ml of Botox split equally both sides.

Images below show the before and after. As well as this treatment I also underwent cheek enhancement with Dermal Revolution filler (read here) and lip correction with dermal filler (read here).

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