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Cheek Enhancement with Dr Sotirios Foutsizoglou

I have always hated my jaw line. It’s rather masculine and pronounced and after years or grinding my teeth in my sleep my jaw muscles have built up to give a ‘Johnny Bravo’ square face.

So when I heard that my favourite Doctor, Dr Sotirios, was holding cheek enhancement training I jumped at the chance. Held through KT training in the High Wycombe training facility (one of three in the UK) I booked to have my cheeks enhanced and jaw line relaxed.

The process involves both Botox and dermal filler. Firstly the area just below the half-moon of the eyes is injected with small amounts of filler then massaged to create an even look. I had 1ml of filler spread across both cheeks.

Then the jaw is relaxed with 1ml of Botox (equal measures on each side) to the muscles at the back of my jaw where my wisdom teeth would be.

The cheek filler is not painful and the areas around the eye which are more delicate are not touched. I did not suffer any bruising or swelling. The jaw line Botox injection is into a muscle so be prepared for some pain and discomfort but it’s over quickly.

The mix of both treatments was vital for me, I think without it I would have not been so pleased with results. As my skin on my cheeks is still pretty youthful I wanted the area to be more pronounced and with some definition. I think for this reason I may need more than one treatment. Without the relaxation of the jaw I would not have noticed much difference but in conjunction with this is works perfectly.

The botox to the jaw lasts up to 2 months and will stop me strengthening those muscles and making them even bigger! I am booked to have more cheek filler in the coming months to build on what I already have and I cannot wait!

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