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Lip Masterclass with KT Training

KT Training hold clinics in London and High Wycombe for aesthetic treatments including Botox, filler, chemical peels and thread lifts.

I have been using them for a number of years as a model for their classes and demonstrations and find their work consistent and reliable.

When you sign up to be a model for aesthetic classes you need to be aware of three major points:

  1. You need to be prepared to be viewed by a group / class

  2. You need to be aware that you may be practiced on by a trainee who may not injected Botox or filler into the skin before

  3. You need to be aware that the procedure may take longer to complete then it would with an experienced practitione

These three points are far outweighed by the benefits which to me are listed below:

  1. The top brands and products used

  2. You are explained the entire process and why the practitioner if doing each procedure

  3. The trainees work is being watched and monitored to the upmost professional level

  4. The trainees are all qualified in medicine or dentistry

  5. You are getting treated by some of the top aesthetic doctors

  6. Treatments are at a reduced price

Numerous people have told me how they have a local consultant who pops round their house and does their Botox, or a practitioner who works from rented room in a tanning salon. Although you can see qualifications these people work alone and often do not have anyone overseeing their work and ensuring it is correct.

After 6 years of lip filler I know the look I want and don’t want and I also know when the doctor wants to inject in the wrong areas for the desired look I want! If you are new to such treatments you will not be aware and put your trust in your doctor.

KT training is in high demand. They hold clinics every one to two months in Harley Street and High Wycombe and they do a range of specialist treatments. Over the years I have been going they have used the same tutors for the classes which shows you how trusted and well run the courses are. All the classes seem to be well booked (approx. 6 people to a group) which means rooms are not overcrowded and you are not faced with too many people.

The best part? They run the courses on weekends which is great for me. I just hop on a train and in 40 minutes I am at the door awaiting my injections .

Recently I booked into the Lip Masterclass, a level above the standard lip for those who want to really master the looks we see on TV and in magazines, like the Kylie Jenner lips, or Angelina Jolie. After an updated medical check and some form filling and then some photos of my current lips I was welcomed to the procedure room.

A trainee was asked to do a pre-assessment asking questions on my health, what look I desired, etc. Once happy with this she was guided by the tutor on areas to inject and the team accessed the results. I had 5 students and a tutor accessing every move, which means you get 6 experts looking over your lips making sure they are perfect!

A good tip is to take some pictures of your desired lips with you to the clinic. Although it’s unrealistic to think that any procedure will result in identical looks to someone else you can better explain you preferred look. For example, do you want a pout? Or a fuller lip? More defined cupids bow?

KT Training train their students to access your face and advise on what you require, do not be afraid to ask what they think would look good and not so good. Because KT is not making money from its models (you pay cost price for products) they are able to give an informative and impartial advice on what treatments are available.

You will also see a regular face at the clinic days, Yasmin Khan. Yasmin is the Cosmetic Practice Development Consultant for KT and she has written a well-known book in the industry called "Simple Steps to Building Million Dollar Cosmetic Practices”, the first cosmetic business manual. Yasmin is a great walking and talking model for the aesthetic industry and a wealth of knowledge.

Want to know more? Then check out and like the Facebook page for model days:

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