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Nimue Skin Technology Face Range

First off, I LOVE this range!

If you read this blog I am very picky about what I put on my skin. I spend a lot of time and money on beauty products and procedures not just so I feel better about myself but because, as a hobby, I love it. My favourite things to do are shopping for products and taking part in treatments AKA pampering.

As standard I use the Dermalogica range as I don’t tend to get any reactions and the products are reliable. I avoid Clinque, Clarins and other department store brands. I am interested in the science behind a brand not the packaging or name.

Nimue is a South African brand available to purchase from select salons in the UK. The range is designed for a beauty salon standard of homecare.

I tried the following items:

Cleansing Gel Lite

This gel goes along way and removes all my make up without irritation to my eyes. It ticks all the boxes. For the price there is a lot of product and you get a lot for your money. It’s gentle on my skin but does the job 100%.

Exfoliating Enzyme

This is not what you expect from an exfoliator. It’s a liquid which you apply like a face wash and detaches dead skin cells. Although you may not feel it is exfoliating when you wash your face you notice the difference later when you dry and apply products. Skin is smoother, and fresher.

Conditioner Lite

A facial conditioning spray that you apply before your moisturiser day and night. I love the smell of this and the light texture. I also found a huge difference in the ease of applying the moisturiser and more even coverage.

Multi Night Plus + and Multi Day Plus+

These are your standard daily moisturisers in a pump action bottle. A small amount goes along way and the product is thick without being too heavy. I generally do not like products with a lot of water content as it dry’s my skin and I suffer from psoriasis.

The day cream makes a great foundation for make up with its velvety texture. The night cream feels gorgeous on my skin and I have eradicated my dry patches and my skin is more even in texture and appearance.

Overall, I am converted. I will definitely be using this range moving forward and I hope the range grows so I can buy more! I would also like to try some salon treatments with the range which I hope to book in for this year and a Nimue stockist salon.

If you can I would suggest a consultation at a salon, which you can locate using the app’ on the site. Failing that you can use the only skin diagnostic tool here

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