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Proactiv 3 Step Core System

We have all seen the ad’s on TV, the ones showing some smiling American celeb’ showing off their amazing skin.

I am a sucker for all TV commercials. I work in marketing yet I still fall for every trick in the book. Proactiv, skin care systems, caught my eye as they used the gorgeous Adam Levine, one of my favourite hunks. I often see then advertise but was not aware of any one who could give me some feedback on the products in the UK.

I finally got my hands on some Proactiv cleansing kit! Hurrah. It arrived well packaged and in sealed bottles. If you have ever experienced split packaging for your fav’ products you will know this is a genius invention and really ensures your items are fresh.

In my 30 day 3 step core system kit was a skin smoothing exfoliator, skin purifying mask, a pore targeting cream and a Complexion Perfecting Hydrator. The only four items I would need to achieve perfect skin!

I am a traditional cleanse, tone moisturise girl so I have to say at first I was sceptical about only using a face wash and a cream, would it really remove all my makeup and impurities?

First impressions where that the exfoliator was pretty light on the skin. I am used to more heavy duty exfoliators but, bearing in mind that the wash is to be used every day it cannot be too harsh on the skin. The exfoliator seemed to remove all my make up, I even did the cotton pad test to ensure.

Next step is the pore targeting treatment for those pesky enlarged pores which I seem to have inherited. Most pore creams make your face feel tight and dry but I was pleasantly surprised. Proactive is a light cream that sinks in well and no residue, tightness or oddly sticky face.

Lastly is the hydrator which my skin is much in need of. I am addicted to moisturisers for body and face. I adore this part of the routine. The cream feels velvety soft on the skin and sinks in well with no greasy reside. Over the period of the first week I usually notice skin dryness when I change brands but with Proactiv it seemed to have the balance just right.

Let’s not forget the mask which is by face my favourite part. A small about goes a long way and you can feel the effects immediately. The part I love the most is it’s so easy, slap it on a clean dry face and wait 5 minutes then wash. What could be easier? No peeling, applying with brushes or measuring its simple.

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