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St Ives Timeless Skin

St Ives is a brand well known in the USA. It is often seen in UK beauty retailers but is not as well-known as some other American origin brands. However, it is highly underrated. As a budget brand it is by far my favourite. Not only do they have a wide range of products but the ingredients are natural and the smells are simply amazing.

An American beauty review site recommended St Ives Timeless Skin for anti-ageing. I have tried and tested no end of anti-ageing skin creams and found that they either; dry my skin and make it feel tight, sting and react to my dry skin areas, feel heavy and clog my pores making my makeup look awful or make me look greasy. It is hard to find a cream that prevents ageing but feels great on the skin.

St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer comes in a handy tub. No squeezing the last out of the tube the tub allows you to get all the product you pay for. The cream is said to give your skin daily hydration inspired by the powers of collagen, elastin and safflower oil. The best part?! You can use it morning and night which is great for me. I like to travel and I hate clutter so using one cream morning and night keeps my regime simple and effective.

The cream contains 100% natural safflower seed oil which is an organic moisturizer. Dermatologist rate the product as non-comedogenic which means it does not block pores like a lot of heavier creams can.

It is lightweight and easily absorbed in the skin. It makes a great base for makeup and it doesn’t feel tacky or sticky on the skin after application like a lot of cream can.

It is a brilliant product that comes in at less than a tenner! My pot has lasted me over 6 months! You can find it in beauty retailers or online at

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