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Sun Chlorella Cream, anti-ageing

A vast number of anti-ageing products main ingredient is collagen. A protein found in in our skin that helps to hold cells together. The idea behind many anti-ageing creams is for the skin to absorb the collagen it loses over time with age and therefore repair and rebuild to better keep its shape.

Another important protein is elastin, this is what allows the skin to grow, move and rebound. Every day we stretch, pull and pinch the skin and it needs to repair. Especially on the dace the skin is thinner and we touch this area more, it is open to the elements and some of us apply makeup daily. We naturally have elastin in the skin but it breaks down and is not replaced as quickly as we age.

This face cream contains an ingredient discovered by scientists in Japan. It is called Chlorella. This might put some people off, but the ingredients are found in green algae, which grows in fresh water,

It is then dried out. It can be used in a supplement form. The process for the ingredients is very strict and follows a schedule to cultivate the very best chlorella.

Algae is actually Latin for ‘seaweed’ and is said to be responsible for 90% of the photosynthesis on earth. It means it is pretty important to the growth and development of our skin.

Chlorella does not replace elastin but helps the body to naturally replace it. It is the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) that assists skin cell renewal.

Although the cream is so scientific and contains algae it smells really nice. It arrived in beautiful packaging complete with a spatula to apply. It has a slight fragrance but not over powering. It soothes on to the skin like silk and sinks in easily with no greasy residue. A little goes a long way and it is easy to apply.

Don’t be deterred by the algae or the creamy light green colour. The cream feels lovely and there are no adverse reactions on my skin. I applied twice a day and it works well as a day and night cream. It can also be used around the eyes as it is not to strong smelling.

You can buy Sun chlorella on the website here: along with supplements and other products.

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