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W=Hb2 Power Duo Face Serum

Wellness = (Health x beauty) Squared = W=Hb2 La formule Secrète

Science and maths is not my strong point but luckily it is for W=Hb2 the makers of this fabulous new power duo face serum.

The face serum which arrived well packaged and in the most beautiful rose gold bottle with duo pump has two phases. The first is designed to fight the signs of ageing and keep skin radiant while the second protects from stress and the effects of the environment and hormonal factors.

WHb2 combine nature with science to deliver a home use product that can rejuvenate skin health and beauty, inside and out.

The duo serums are designed to be used twice a day, morning and evening on a clean dry face. Apply one pump of Phase 1 to skin, this serum contains the age resistance and radiance system. Also known as the Tri-Active Age Corrector Complex. It works on the internal structure of the skin cells and keeps them hydrated, nourished and elastic. It can help the skin repair and maintain its appearance.

I found this serum went on easily and massaged in well, a little goes a long way and it did not feel greasy or heavy.

Follow this with one pump of Phase II. This is the Tri-Active Brightening and Anti-Pollution Complex which as the name suggests protects the skin.

Used together you are not just coating the skin to protect but also going deep into the skin to repair and those valuable ingredients are being locked in.

As with all serums follow and complete your normal skin care regime.

I found the two-phase system perfect for my skin. Being in one bottle makes it even easier and quicker! There are no excuses to skin this step. The serums are light and can be applied easily before my face cream and make up. It is made for all skin types and does not contain any parabens of other ingredients which can irritate the skin.

W+Hb2 is a Swiss brand, the nation known for its advanced skin care. I particularly lime the fact that they mix science and skincare and rather then just solve one skin issue take on all of them. It serves multiple purposes – fights ageing, fights hormonal changes, fights environmental factors and more. As they say its 360° wellness.

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