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Perfect Brows

What did the eyebrow say to the forehead?

‘Do you even lift?’

Ok, so it is a lame joke but it made me laugh. With so many bad eyebrows swamping the internet its hard to find the right solution for your brows.

I had my brows semi permanently tattooed years ago and then a refresh with microblading last year. My usual natural make up looks perfect with my brow and I love the shape. Every now and then I like to darken them and make them more prominent especially when wearing eyeshadow, lashes or lipstick. I think a defined darker brow can really frame the face. For this reason, I always have a brow pencil in my make-up box.

Here are my top picks currently on sale for affordable prices on the high street. They make a great addition to your make up bag without breaking the bank and last ages!

Eylure Brow Tools

Eylure are eye experts, you probably recognise them form the false lashes that data back many years. In addition, they do a range of eye product including a firm pencil and a precision crayon.

The pencil is perfect for a strong and thicker line. It is long wearing and available in a range of shades. I like pencils as you can get two effects, more smudged look or a precise line once the pencil is sharpened. My brows are full so the pencil works well.

The crayon is more of a precise tool. It doesn’t need sharpening which makes it great for holiday and on the go. Plus, it lasts 12 hours and is waterproof. This is a good handbag item, and really nice for lighter brows that need more precise application.

Available at Superdrug: £5.99 £7.45

No Bare Brows™ Universal 4 in 1 Brow Fix

No Bare Brows is a range from Canada fresh to the UK. What appeals to me on this range is that they brow pencils have added tools and extras to polish your look.

The pencil has one brow colour end and one wax end for to tame your unruly brows. It also has a sharpener in the cap and a brush so all the tools you need in one.

I like my brows dark and defined when wearing heavier make up but lighter for a daytime look. This pencil works well for this as the colour is buildable. You simply apply lighter stokes for blonde of taupe tones and build up the colour for darker hair tones. Just increase the pressure and the strokes. It is also handy as your hair colour changes, fades and grows lighter in the summer.

Available at £18.00

So Me Beauty & Wellness Brow Collection

So Me cosmetics was born out of the success of the London based wellness salons, offering brow and lash bars. It is now available UK wide in Superdrug and Sainsbury’s stores and includes a range of products to create a wow brow, the same as you will achieve at a salon visit.

The brow pencil is perfect for filling and shaping, used with the robust brow spooley it creates a perfectly defined brow.

I choose the smokey quarts shade as it works well with my brow hair colour. What is more fun about this range is that they offer a range of colours to meet the latest trend of colourful hair and brows! Colours include Sapphire blue and Emerald green.

The cosmetics are available at Superdrug stores and more and more locations are offering beauty bars. So if you are unsure about your brows, need some help or want to try something new then check out the latest So Me Beauty bar in your nearest Superdrug (dependant on locations) Treatments offered at the beauty bar include, threading, Super Defined brows, tinting, eyelash extensions and individual lashes to leave clients feeling perfectly groomed with no appointment necessary. Eyebrow and lash treatments start at just £10.

Available at and in Superdrug and Sainsbury’s stores, Brow pencil £8.95 and Brow Spooley £6.95

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