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Daily Skincare Must Haves

Our skin changes as we age, as you would expect. It means that your skin routine has to chance and adapt to your changing requirements.

Age is not the only factor, diet, lifestyle, exposure to the sun, treatments and more can all impact our skin. I have especially noticed this in the last 2 years. Since I have stopped the contraceptive pill I am more prone to breakouts around the chin and jaw. My skins appears drier than before and since having semi-permanent make up and skin peels it is a lot more sensitive and I require a higher sun factor.

I believe skin care is an ongoing and adapting process. One which you need to look at the immediate requirements with the long-term needs and final aim.

Immediate Relief

We all know that it is better to cure the root of the problem rather then deal with the side effects. However, for some conditions this is not that easy and curing the root of the issue takes a little time. In the meantime, a quick fix while you understand the underlying issue can really help.

HEVL SPF50 Face Crème 50ml

This cream is a both an instant fixer and long-term solution. As the name suggests it is a factor 50 cream protecting from the suns harmful rays. It also includes a hidden benefit, called HEVL.

High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) rays are produced by normal daylight. These rays cause as much damage as UVA and UVB combined. It is designed not just for holiday use but also day to day.

HEVL impacts cell formation and can lead to wrinkles, premature aging and skin pigmentation.

This cream is great for sensitive skin and I use this under my usual make up daily. It is non-greasy but moisturising. I also found it didn’t block my pores like many creams do. In fact, it was a nice day cream that doesn’t encourage spots like usual sun creams.

Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel

With the onset of summer comes hayfever. I have found that my skin reacts as much as my nose and throat when it comes to pollen.

My eyes and the skin around my eyes appears to each and is very sore. Sunshades and creams don’t make a lot of difference and daily creams are sometimes to strong for the skin around the eye.

Instead I recommend Hydrosil Dry Eye Gel. The gel contains Cardiospermum which is a natural vine extract. It helps to calm itching and irritation on dry and eczema-prone skin. Itching the delicate skin on your eyes is not good for anti-ageing and it can be sore.

I find that I tend to get patches on my eyes, often on the eye bag area. Sometimes from pollen and other times due to my eyes watering form hay fever and constant cleaning. I found this cream works a treat. I will continue to use in the winter as well when the weather is cold and your skin can become drier and open to the wind.

Longer Term Skin Care Programmes

Longer term skin care programmes include supplements, diet changes and lifestyle adaptions. A few changes to your routine will assist your skin care in the longer term.

LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care

I have been a fan of Liquid health for a while you can read my first review here

The little 50ml pots are full of healthy skin supplements, mainly marine collagen. The mini bottles are easy to take and can be slipped into your handbag. They don’t taste to bad either so taking them daily is not a drag.

They contain a mix of ingredients from hydrolised Peptan collagen a form of protein, the building blocks of healthy skin, aloe vera to maintain healthy skin and the epithelial layer, zinc and vitamin A and C.

Lifestyle Changes

Small lifestyle changes can have a massive impact on your skin and its health. I found that although I ate a lot of fruit and veg I do eat more sugary fruits that do not do my skin any favours.

My first piece of advice is WATER drink plenty of it. Second it is to substitute your usual use of Sugar with an alternative.

Total Sweet

Traditional sugar can bind to collagen and speed up the ageing process. Not to mention weight gain and tooth decay.

Total Sweet is an alternative to sugar made from Xylitol which is a natural product. Although it tastes like sugar and has the same qualities studies suggest it has the opposite effect on our skin.

Researchers found that xylitol appears to have an ability to upregulate genes which are responsible for producing important proteins for our skin’s health. The more collagen the skin produces the firmer it becomes.

Total Sweet comes in granulated form and can be used in hot drinks, baking and the same as any other granulated sugar.

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