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Autumn Skin Essentials For Men

The nights are drawing in and the mornings are getting darker. As the weather and trees show the signs of autumn so does my skin. My facial routine changes and I ditch the higher sun factor for more heavy-duty protection from the effects of the cold and the wind.

I have pulled together some of my top choices for guys this autumn. Its not easy finding a skin solution for all but these are some of my favourites.

Release the Beast with Black Leopard 2 in 1 cleanse and shave gel

This gel is designed specifically to cleanse and protect the skin when shaving. A razor after all causes damage to the top layer of skin leaving you open and prone to the harsh effects of the weather.

This gel gets my vote because unlike foams and other products it does not leave a mess, on either yourself, the bathroom sink or on the clothes that you wear. It is Easy to apply, and for best results make sure that your face has been either soaked in warm water or a hot towel.

The gels texture and consistency make it easy to spread evenly across your face & neck. I personally do not shave from Thursday night through to Sunday night, meaning that come Sunday evening I do have thick stubble. I found that Black Leopard helps the blade to easily cut through the hair leaving my skin soft and nourished.

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Black Leopard Moisturiser

As a rule you should be using a moisturiser every day especially as you age. This Black Leopard daily moisturiser if perfect for hydrating the skin in cold weather and protecting and repairing after shaving.

Easy to apply twice a day with no mess. It is also non-greasy and doesn’t leave my face looking shinny.

The good thing about the bottle is that you are not left with too much on your hands and potential wastage.

Like most combination products it does compliment the ‘cleanse & shave gel’, the smell is fresh but not overpowering and allows your aftershave to come through without a clash. If, like me, you like to shave at night then application at night is not an issue however remember to wash your face thoroughly in the morning and re-apply ready for your day ahead.

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Acti-Labs Face Food Moisturiser, for a tougher approach

If you have sensitive skin, shave more regularly or simply have left your face open to the elements and need to rehydrate then this is the perfect moisturiser for you.

The moisturiser works well alongside the shaving cream, perfect if you have the tendency to get shaving rash or face burn both of which I get (or maybe I should change my razor blade more frequently).

The moisturiser comes in a pretty generous sized container, which is pump action and helps to give you the right amount (two pumps) post shave. One tip make sure you are not hot or in a rush as you may sweat post application.

The smell is fresh, classy and subtle It is not too prominent or overpowering so you do not smell like a man that has just bathed in cheap body spray.

Face Food leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, burn free and not too greasy which is important if you are on the go for most of the day. I have used it day and night however I find it most beneficial post shave when my face is at its most naked!

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