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Are you winter ready?

It’s that time of year when we are plagued with coughs and colds, dry skin, chapped lips and a pale complexion. As miserable as winter can be, it can be great fun over the Christmas period. I just wish I had that glowing look they have in the Christmas adverts.

This year I am trying supplements to help fend off the sneezes and grey looking skin. Why supplements? Because they are easy! A couple of supplements a day and I can have better skin and health. The plus side as its cheaper then attempting to cook myself vitamin packed dinners as well.

This winter I have chosen the Care range of supplements. They are affordable and good quality. Available at Amazon, large supermarkets and pharmacies like they retail at upwards of £9.95 for a month’s supply.

My top choices are:

These supplements are easy to swallow, tasteless tablets that can be taken once a day with food.

They contain vital ingredients like Beta-Glucans, Elderberry, Vitamin D3 and odour-controlled garlic.

Beta-Glucans is a soluble fibre often found in grains, oats and barley. It has been said to improve heart health. Elderberry isn’t just a nice tasting drink in the pub but it has benefits as well. It has been linked to the immune system due to its rich flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which give it the purple colour. Vitamin D3 helps your body to absorb other important vitamins and keep your bones healthy. With these and vitamin C and A, the immune supplements from Care are an all-round powerful pill to keep you going this winter.

As well as these mentioned vitamins the tablets also contain nutrients that are anti-catarrhal and anti-inflammatory which is beneficial to anyone suffering from a cough or cold this winter.

Care Collagen Beauty Formula

These tablets are great quality and affordable!

Care Collagen supplements are superior as they are made using hydrolysed pure marine collagen. Pardon? What this means is that the collagen is a powder that is broken up into smaller peptides (hydrolysed). These smaller particles are easier for our bodies to digest and therefore quicker acting and the body can digest more. It makes it a much more powerful form of collagen.

The capsules also contain Vitamin C an antioxidant that helps to treat UV exposure and boost collagen production, zinc which helps to regulate oil glands, copper for skin strength, riboflavin (Vitamin B) which helps in the growth of skin and healing, niacin for elastin to keep wrinkles at bay and biotin a supplement used for hair, skin and nails.

For roughly £30 a month I can keep a healthy immune system, beat off the coughs and colds and look my best.

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