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Ultimate Recovery Kit

The holiday is over and it’s back to reality.

Not only do I have the holiday blues I need another holiday to recover from the hectic one I just took. Jamming so much into 15 days was exhausting and the change in water, food, weather and conditions means I need some TLC time.

I was not looking forward to coming home, but I was looking forward to my own bed, bath and shower. My first weekend back and I choose to do a pamper session, here are my salvation essentials.

From top to toe

My holiday didn’t include the sea and sand but it did include a lot of sun and a lot of paint... oddly enough. While in India we were lucky enough to be involved in Holi Festival the spring celebration of colour. In Varanasi they celebrate by throwing powdered dyes and liquid dyes in bright colors. Its great fun.

After numerous showers, baths, scrubs and soaks I realised that the dye does not simply wash off. Its a gradual fade process and scrubbing just make the skin sore. After some vigorous washing and then sun exposure I wanted to give my hair some much needed attention.

Balmonds, previously Pure Potions, now Balmonds named after its founders, offer a scalp oil. Its totally natural so no nasty chemicals and designed to give your hair and scalp some of its natural oils back, often stripped away by powerful shampoos. Simply apply to the scalp and massage in the leave overnight for an intense treatment.

It is not just for the hair either! It’s suitable for beards, as a foot oil, and a skin oil.

I found it works a dream on nourishing the hair. My hair is colour treated and the oil helps me to comb my hair without breaking or snapping., £14.99

Cleanse the soul

Pre holiday I did the usual scrub and tan. Now the holidays over I have the remnants of tan in patches all over. T start the cleanse I needed a face crub, powerful enough to really clean but delicate on my rosacea prone skin.

Procoal Face Scrub is a a new addition to the charcoal range that is known for oral hygiene products. The scrub exfoliates and detoxifies. Much like the charcoal tooth powders and toothpastes the scrub works to clear pores, purify the skin, draw out excess oils and make the skin more radiant.

The scrub is available for just £8.99 and its cruelty free and free of chemicals. No better way to detox the skin., £8.99

Continue to detox

India really gave me back my zen. I came home feeling refreshed and energised and I wanted to keep this new and improved me inside and out for as long as possible. It is not so easy when you get sucked back into work.

To help me keep up the fresh new approach I have been using DAYTOX Vitamin C Serum found on Amazon and at Waitrose.

The serum contains the secret ingredient that’s all the rage right now, vitamin C, and in bg quantities. The 10% vit’ C serum tones and rejuvenates your skin, giving it a bright and radiant glow you can see straight away.

Other ingredients help t protect the skin from stress, ageing and harmful pollution. Couple this with grapefruit water for a fresh kick for the skin.

I use this as a serum under my moisturiser and make up every morning.

Treat Yourself

If you are doing everything right and sticking to your skin rules then treat yourself!

My favourite skin treat is the Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre. Not only does it smell divine, its gentle on the skin, not greasy and a perfect make up base. Priced at £13.00 from Boots this cream has been around since the 1950s and appears to be a celeb secret. Used by makeup artists on TV, film and photo shoots the cream is a multi-tasker. I use it over my serum as a moisturiser and primer but it can also be used to remove make up, as a mask, as a after shave cream and for baby skin care.

It protects the skin from lots moisture which is exactly what I needed after over scrubbing my skin of tan. I have sensitive skin, rosacea and as such sensitive eyes but this cream can be used on my lashes, cheeks and applied direct, soothing the skin and not causing inflammation.

It comes in a sturdy tube and is great value for money.

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