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BeGlow TIA; Electronic Cleanser and Facial Toner

I love gadgets!

They are designed to make our life easier, to do things quicker and to improve our lives.

So why not use our innovation to make a gadget that helps the environment? BeGlow have done just that.

The BeGlow TIA is a sonic device, one of two in its new range of cleansing tools. The TIA is designed to cleanse the face without the use of face wipes. It can take 100-500 years for face wipes to decompose but an electric cleanser can be used for years, is kind to skin and hygienic.

The TIA model is designed to both cleanse and tone with two head fittings that can be used every day. The cleansing brush is silicone and removable making it easy to clean and replaced.

At £199 I admit it’s pricey but… hear me out. I was spending anything between £3 and £5 a month on cleansing wipes. Sometimes using more than one a day depending on my make up look. That’s over 1,000 wipes and over £160 in 3 years. The TIA now seems pretty economical doesn’t it?

The brush head is removable making it easy to clean and replace. It is recommended to buy a new head once a year, priced at approx. £15.

That’s not all. The sonic device has a light pulse that dislodges makeup and dirt without scrubbing or damaging the skin. Switch to the opposite end and the BeGlow has a handy anti ageing titanium applicator.

It looks odd but the science behind the metal plate is to calm the skin and improve circulation. I found this especially useful in calming my rosacea. The titanium plate is simply placed on areas of the face where you can see wrinkles after applying your usual anti-ageing cream. The cool surface and light pulse pushes the product into the skin reducing the appearance of pores. It also helps with lax skin. It has a lifting mode, with optional levels of pulsation. This has really helped my lower cheeks and smile lines. Over time these have got more and more pronounced.

The TIA mini workout for the face has helped to tighten this skin this process is called dual pulse technology. Online reviews have shown that it works well for double chins as well.

The BeGlow TIA comes complete with a charger, and a cute carry case to keep it clean.

I think the BeGlow has set a really high bar for copycats. No doubt it will be mimicked in the beauty industry as it is a great tool, and it would hard to beat the TIA model. I look forward to seeing more items from BeGlow.

The BeGlow is available online at Net-a-Porter & Look Fantastic.

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