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Sesderma Azelac RU Liposomal Serum TRX

Years of tanning have meant my skin is pigmented and patchy. Couple this with rosacea and I suffer from redness and plenty of blemishes.

Once a spot heals I find it takes the skin a long time to return to normal. A small blemish can leave a red and dry patch on my skin for weeks. I naturally have very pale and freckled skin, I blemish easily and scars are faintly visible across my face.

I ditched the sun years ago and have since increased my face care game. I now take much more care of my skin, but the one thing that I thought I could not fix was the redness and marks left from spots, bumps or dry skin.

Until... now.

I have not been using Sesderma Azelac Serum for long but I have already seen results. After a particularly bad spate of acne rosacea which meant a dose of antibiotics, I tried the serum. I noticed the difference almost immediately.

I applied the serum at night; nervous it would react and cause another flare up of my dreaded rosacea. I had read good things online about its positive effect on the condition and that it was fine to use on sensitive skin. It is also widely used after chemical peels and other anti-ageing treatments.

I felt the skin around the blemishes was much calmer, less inflamed and red and although still visible I needed less concealer.

The depigmention serum has a liposaomated formula made up of azelaic acid, mandelic acid and phytic acid... pardon? What? Basically, liposomes are tiny bubbles that are similar material to our skin cell. They can transport hydration and nutrition to our skin by acting that like cells do. In the case of Sesmerda’s serum they transport the azelaic acid to the cells.

Azelaic acid originates in wheat, rye and barley. The chemical is an anti-inflammatory and reduces redness making it suitable for acne prone skin and rosacea.

I applied four drops to my key areas, checks and chin. I massaged the serum in and then applied my usual moisorisor over the top. I did the same routine in the morning, after washing my face.

Within a couple of days I really started to notice the skin was less red.

Pigmentation of the skin can be caused by sun exposure, blemishes and damage to the skin, and even hormone changes.

The serum is easy to apply, smells beautiful and comes in a vintage and very expensive looking brown bottle, which looks pretty good in my bathroom!

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