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Summer Lovin’

You know it’s summer when Love Island takes over your Instagram feed and you start to feel massively body conscious.

Like most people I spend all winter telling myself I need to prepare my summer body and putting it off. When the sun does make an appearance I am devastatingly under-prepared. I haven’t lost the winter weight, I haven’t got the glowing skin and I am in dire need of a body wax.

No fear! There are lots of items on the market that are made for summer no matter how fleeting. Here are my top choices for summer 2019 regardless of the weather.

Shine Shampoo Bar

The no plastic movement has bought about a number of low packaging, no waste cosmetics including the genius invention of shampoo bars. What I like about this bar in particular is that it has been created by a hairdresser, who could no more about hair than an expert?

The shine bar comes in a handy tin, perfect for travel as it takes up little space and is light weight. The bar can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and body soap. It is the perfect summer essential!

Developed by hairdresser and salon owner Jonathan who runs the successful Shine Group in Brighton, the bars contain quinoa used to protect and prolong hair colour.

The bars are not only space saving, travel friendly and eco friendly they also reduce waste as you can lather then whole bar.

The Shine bar smells fabulous and so clean, the smell stayed with my hair after washing and drying and it felt smooth and conditioned.

You can buy Shine Shampoo bars online here or in independent stockists UK wide.

Too Cool for School Korean Beauty Brand

I follow A LOT of Korean surgeons and beauty advisers. They are by far the masters of aesthetics and cosmetics and it appears they can do some pretty funky packaging design as well.

The latest range ‘Too Cool for School’ only landed in the UK in April this year but it had been long awaited after it has been selling out in the USA.

Two of the top products are the super cute ‘Egg Mellow Cream’, designed for use on the face. It does in fact contain egg! Well... egg extract and collagen fibres which help to firm the face and hydrate. It can also be used as a day cream, night cream, mask and primer. It brings a new meaning to having ‘egg on your face’.

As well as the cream the 'Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask' is not only popular with beauty addicts in the UK, with one selling every 15 minutes online.

This pumpkin sheet mask contains, you guessed it, pumpkin! This has enzymes and acids that increase cell turnover and help with redness ageing, elasticity and skin smoothness.

With the current warm weather the mask provides a welcome relief and soothes the skin, especially when you have been out in the sunshine all day (wearing sun factor of course!)

I left the mask on for 10 minutes while I did some household chores, removed and massaged the serum from the mask into my skin.

The Too Cool For School Range is available from larger Boots stores,,,, and

Coco Baci Oil Pulling

If you are looking for the Love Island smile then look no further. Coco Baci provides an easy, painless, and toxin free way to get a whiter smile.

The 15 day programme comes in a variety of flavours including red berry. I prefer mint or lemon myself and opted for the Lemon Sparkle with added fennel.

It’s easy to use as the oil pulling solution comes in handy sachets. Just empty into your mouth and swirl around for ten minutes but do not swallow.

Coco Baci is said to help rid the body of toxin build up and cleanse more than just your teeth. I certainly think this is the case for tea and coffee drinkers when caffeine can build up in your system.

The ingredients are totally natural and you can see results from day one.

Lilibeth The Original Brow Shaper

The sunshine will highlight every un-plucked brow hair, uneven patch of skin and moustache fluff. Just when I think my brows are on point I catch the light in the car rear view mirror and find a stray hair.That is when the Lilibeth Brow Shaper is a handbag essential.

Founded in 2007 the brow shaper is the original dermaplanning and a brow shaping tool. I have seen plenty of other makes but this hails from NYC and the longest selling beauty tool of its kind.

The Brow Shaper lifts dead skin away while removing unwanted hair, leaving behind a smoother skin surface for better makeup and skincare application. I like to use this for my brows as it gives a clean and smooth edge and I also use it for peach fuzz on my checks and jaw. It not only removes hair it also acts as a at home dermaplanning tool while being safe to use.

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