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The Blemish Game Changers: Non Crease Concealer

As a teenager my concealer stick was my best friend. Trusted to cover the latest spot or blemish my only concern was matching my skin tone and budget.

As my skin ages and changes my make up requirements get far more complex. I have always had combination skin but with the onset of rosacea I battle with dry skin, redness and clogged pores. As such, I have chosen to reduce the amount of makeup I wear on a daily basis.

At times of stress or extreme weather conditions my rosacea breaks out. It means I have red cheeks, small raised bumps and uneven skin. Dryness in some areas and oily in others, it is truly a foundation nightmare. I found the best way to deal with this is by using a concealer, where required, and then my BB cream for general light, non-clogging coverage.

I have found some fabulous concealers in a range of tones that do not break the bank. Available on the high street, you will never be caught short with a breakout again!

The Basics

Before i begin I want to stress the importance of hygiene. Since being diagnosed with rosacea I have been extra stringent on my makeup bag cleanliness. Not only do I regularly clean and change my make up tools I also have become more particular about sharing and using then replacing wands and pads. I will try anything I can to ensure my makeup and tools are in the best possible condition so they do not irritate or damage my skin.

A handy tool for any make up bag and budding make up artist is the makeup hand palette from Makeup Box Ldn. It’s a acrylic palette that slots on your hand is wipe clean. Its far easier then applying make up to your hand and more hygienic! I also found I have far less waste!

I use my palette for concealers and foundations and find it the perfect place to mix colours and contouring shades. Because of the clear material it’s easier to see the shades and compare products.

Do not be deterred by the term ‘camouflage’. Unlike heavy tattoo coverage make up this is a lightweight and natural concealer that gives a dewy finish.

It contains light reflecting pigments which give the ‘healthy glow’. Unlike many concealers and powders it does not dry or flake. It’s a good solution for dry skin, damaged skin and fine lines. Its creamy texture is made up of pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E.

I found this especially good for eye bags as the light reflecting properties lightened the area naturally.

If you want something with a slightly heavier coverage for those stubborn areas of redness, blemishes or old tattoos then choose the waterproof matt concealer. It covers shades and dark circles and its matt base means it sits nicely under your make up for more comprehensive coverage. It can even cover tattoos!

Wow! The teens of 2019 are spoilt for choice with makeup. There has never been such a huge variety of affordable make up items for teens and young adults. Plus never before has vegan and animal friendly makeup been so GOOD!

GOSH, which can be found in Superdrug offer a high coverage liquid concealer deigned to cover acne scars, redness, dark circles and imperfections. It’s not just for younger skin it also is crease proof, long lasting and suitable for fine lines and wrinkles.

Perfume free and vegan its super kind on my skin and doesn’t cause any adverse skin flare ups or irritation. I tried the porcelain shade 001 and Ivory 002. At just £7.99 you can buy more than one to get the perfect match. I found the porcelain works well on my dark circles and the ivory is better on my blemishes.

Scientific Skin Care

The latest innovation from KALME has blown my mind.

I mention KALME in earlier posts as they cater for specialist skin conditions. KALME make a brilliant base cream. It’s calming on the skin, easily absorbed and non-greasy.

Recently they have launched a tone-matching ‘chameleon’ concealer for red and sensitive skin with soft-focus technology, prebiotics and SPF!

As I have mentioned previously my combination skin means I have red patches, blemishes and skin pigmentation. The new KALME Chameleon Concealer is tone-matching allowing it to match with skin. It contains a green tinted ingredient that neutralises redness on the skin to make more natural tones.

It is a light weight concealer and can be used on larger areas due to its ‘soft feel ‘texture and light nature. For those with rosacea this product is perfect for cheeks. Whilst covering the redness it also helps to repair the skin, moisturise and provide sun protection.

Chameleon Concealer is vegan friendly, FREE from parabens, perfumes, MI and SLS and contains only naturally active ingredients formulated for use on very sensitive skin.

Chameleon Concealer costs £19.95 (50ml). Available from

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