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Banobagi Sheet Masks

Banobagi Cosmetics is a Korean company derived from the famous Banobagi cosmetic surgery and aesthetics clinics.

Unlike a lot of Korean brands Banobagi is not into k-pop / k-beauty and novel packaging. The range is neatly packaged and the products are clearly explained along with their benefits.

Banobagi has a great reputation in Korea and the cosmetics line in skin care is designed from over 20 years experience from professionals in skincare. You can find all the ingredients and details on the suitability for your skin on their website.

The range is also totally affordable and made for modern day living. The masks are my favourite as they are low maintenance, no mess, and work wonders.

In particular I like the sheet masks, they come individually wrapped. The sheets are made of grade 1 textile quality certified material.. This translates as 100% cotton and safe for sensitive skin.

My favourite is the Thistle Repair Mask as I tend to suffer from dry skin. The mask feels cool when you take it out of the packaging but it easily adheres to the face and warms up. The mask is designed to hydrate with a repair cream for sensitive skin. I left the mask on for 20 minutes for maximum benefit while I went about my usual housework and then when I removed it I allowed the excess moisture to sink into my pores.

My skin was instantly more hydrated but not greasy or clogged. It works well for the sun worshippers as the mask cools and hydrates and its a perfect way to add moisture to the skin when it has been exposed to sunshine or harsh winds. It's a definite holiday essential.

If you are looking for a more specific concern such as pore tightening and lifting then Banobagi also offer sheet masks designed for these concerns.

These masks work in the same way and come individually packaged. The Lifting Sheet Mask contains vitamins to enhance skin tone. Its jelly texture is perfect for absorbing into the skin. Check out the Pore Tightening mask here: if you are looking for a refreshed complexion. It is perfect for dehydrated, stressed skin that is open to pollution.

Find the range at Glam Touch:


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