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EriiS Sun Triple Protection Factor 50

With my trip to the Dominican Republic imminent I went on the hunt for some high SPF sun factor to combat predicted 37 degree sun!

Usually my summer holidays are cooler with temperatures around 25-30 degrees so I needed to ensure I was ready for the heat and the more intense sunshine of the Caribbean. This is why I tried a SPF 50 sun protection from ERiiS SUN.

ERiiS SUN have a range of sun care products my choice was the triple action SPF 50 in a handy pump bottle. Firstly the bottle was a life saver. It was so easy to use and ensured I didn’t empty too much product into my hands and waste it. Also I am a nightmare with sprays, I just cannot get the hang of them and end up blocking the spray novel with sand.

The cream has a triple action to fight UVA, UVB and Infrared- A in other words the rays that cause ageing, long term skin damage and burning! Ouch!

I love having a tan, but I hate burning. I admit I was concerned that wearing such a high factor would mean I would not get a tan, but I was totally wrong. The cream includes carrot fresh extract which hydrates the skin and helps to form a more even tan. Vitamins A, C and E help the skin limit the risk of erythema (skin redness) and abnormal pigmentation. After years of sun damage I had a chemical peel to reduce some of the sun pigmentation on my face a few years ago. This means my skin is extra sensitive and I need to be really careful in the sunshine. The last thing I wanted to do was cause more pigmentation and have to undergo a peel again.

I really liked the ERiiS SUN cream, it was a nice consistency and not to greasy. It did not transfer to my clothes or swimwear and best of all it done the job. I used it daily and came home with a wonderful tan even on my legs! Which is unheard of. The best part is it lasts. A week away and daily use and I still have enough for my second summer holiday, total value for money,

ERiiS Sun costs from £14.95 and is available from


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