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Lockdown Skin Care Saviours

On my usual route to work into the centre of London there is an abundance of beautifully decorated and enticing skincare and wellness shops. I am truly spoiled for choice, it is a miracle I make it into work at all. Now my commute is on hold. I am forced to search online for the newest trends, which isn't so bad!

I found that researching online opens your eyes to so many more brands including ones you might not usually try, like With its cool packaging, bright colours and quirky website this brand is not one of my usual go to products.

Looking at their instagram everyone seems far too young and glamorous for me, maybe I need to be prettier to use this range? Well, it’s worth a try seeing as it's affordable and they deliver to my doorstep.

Like many people the stress of lockdown and the uncertainty of the situation has made my hormones go crazy. I began to get breakouts across my hair line, most likely from the persistent rubbing of my temples in distress. I might feel my age but my skin is suggesting I am going through a dramatic teen breakup. Hence my choice to try Was Bad, the invisible anti pimple gel treatment, This comes in a generously sized 30ml tube with a pump attached. I immediately set to action applying to my clean and dry face before bedtime.

The gel, like all the range, contains prebiotic and probiotic complex. This is Funderm’s secret weapon and the key to its war on spots and blemishes. The two ingredients are a mix of good and bad bacteria designed to protect, restore and improve the microflora of your skin (the layer that covers your skin).

The next morning I woke to a marked improvement already, I was impressed. Not only was the gel easy to apply and non-sticky it also smelt pretty nice, and reminded me of holiday. Unlike usual spot treatments there was no stringing, redness or soreness, it dried well and didn't leave a residue on my bed sheets.

Onwards with the Funderm regime i jumped in to try the clay mask, No Drama This red clay mask is creamy in texture which makes it easy to apply and not make a mess. You only leave it on for 5 minutes making it super efficient when you have a busy day. It’s the type of mask I can do as I do my chores like washing, and does not interfere with my day. Once washed off I noticed the difference immediately. It balances the skin with the same vital ingredients as the invisible gel.

The Funderm range is available online and they even surprise you with a free product with every purchase, a headband and some samples of their best sellers, what’s not to like!

Results on hairline blemishes after one application of Funderm Was Bad gel


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