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Mummy and Baby Skincare

I was blessed with near perfect skin during pregnancy. The increase in hormones meant that my skin felt soft and moisturised throughout. The other surprising benefit was the reduced greasiness and less dry patches on my face, an area where I have always suffered from a combination skin type.

Post pregnancy my skin continued to thrive, which was a surprise with the lack of sleep. However, here we are 8 weeks post birth, and my skin is returning to its old ways. Hormones have settled down and I am plagued with dry patches, greasy chin and nose, flaky cheeks and forehead and rough patches. All the skin issues I suffered with pre pregnancy in the winter months when the heating is at its highest and the cold weather strips the skin.

On top of the skin conditions, I have less time to spend on pampering and less sleep, all adding up to worst skin. That is why I have chosen some key skin essentials for both mother and baby. There is a range of items that I use on both my little one and myself, making it super easy. A dab for you and a dab for me! Best of all if it is suitable for baby skin then it will definitely be perfect for my sensitive skin type.

The Baby Goat Skincare Lotion available at for £10.99

The Goat Skincare is made for newborns and infants and contains natural and organic ingredients. The skin lotion can be used all over baby and not only provides skin hydration but also a barrier to the elements, perfect in this cold weather.

I love this lotion as its so light but effective. It isn’t thick or heavy on the skin. It also dries quickly, allowing me to dress myself and baby in record time and not allow us to get cold.

One application of the lotion kept both our skin hydrated through the day and it was a lovely way to finish off bath time with a relaxing massage and full body cream for baby.

EPIMAX® Skincare, specialist ointment for eyelids. Purchase direct from for £9.95

Both little man and I suffer from eczema. It is common in babies and often can be seen on the face. I have managed to get mine under control over the years and it tends to flare up in times of stress. Baby on the other hand has such delicate skin I needed to treat him for his skin condition from birth.

I needed something that was tough on eczema but gentle enough for baby. The cream cannot have a high water content as this aggravates the skin condition and to top it off it needs to be safe for baby to ingest should they rub the area and then suck their hands.

Baby skin before use

Baby Skin After Use

Skincare brand EPIMAX® have launched an ointment specifically designed to treat eczema-prone eyelids.

The eyelid ointment has been created with the sole purpose of soothing dry, itchy, red and flaky eyelids – common symptoms of eczema. It can be used as frequently as required and is suitable for all ages!

I applied the cream to baby’s eyes and forehead area and within one application I noticed a difference. The skin seemed smoother, and redness reduced.

Paula Oliver, Dermatology Nurse Consultant, explains more about irritated eyelids and eczema. ‘As eczema causes skin to become dry and cracked, it is essential you try to keep skin around your eyes as moisturised as possible. Eyelids are a difficult part of the body to treat when it comes to flare ups. It’s an incredibly thin layer of skin and you must be cautious when treating it with topical creams.’

The ointment is a handy size perfect for my baby bag and equipped with a nozzle that means its easy to apply.

EPIMAX® Original Cream, available at

I was so impressed with the EPIMAX® ointment on my babies skin that I tried the regular cream for myself as a body moisturiser and have been equally impressed.

The original cream from the range is lightweight and meant for everyday use. Free of harmful parabens, lanolin and perfume the cream is friendly to the environment and my skin.

It is very easy to apply and like the ointment dries quickly with not stickiness. Making it perfect for on the go and for those with a lack of time like me.

I applied it all over once a day then added a dab to areas like my arms and neck which required some extra hydration through the day. It also acts as a barrier cream which is perfect in this cold and wet weather, ensuring my skin is protected.

My skin has felt soft and hydrated perfect for when little one wants a cuddle and snuggles into my bare neck. It is also safe for his skin and is non perfumed meaning it makes it much more friendly when it comes to mother and baby skin to skin time.


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